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In Spectomancer: Truth and Beauty free online board game you fight other mages by strategically using and casting creatures and magical spells. You can play either against the computer or against other people.

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If you collect three or more figures of the same color in the horizontal or vertical line they will disappear. If there is a stone slab under these figures it will be destroyed. To pass to the next level of Ancient Jewels free flash board game you should destroy all stone slabs. Do not forget about timer it shows how much time you have.

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The rules to Sudoku Original free flash game are very simple: fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3*3 box contains the digits 1 through 9. There is nothing more to it.
Use the Hint button if you get really stuck. Select the square you need help on and click "Use hint" to fill in the correct digit. You get up to 3 hints per level.
There are 75 levels in total split up into the categories of Easy (1-25), Medium (26-50) and Hard (51-75). See if you can complete all the levels of flash game.

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Chess flash games are played on a square board with 8 rows and 8 columns, making 64 squares. There are always two players: one black and one white. In Easy Chess flash game the human always plays white and the computer black. Normally you choose randomly who goes first, but in this game the human is always first.

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In Flash Chess 3 online board game at the beginning you are welcomed to choose the desired difficulty level. Advanced - the computer plays at its normal level, it will think for around 5 seconds and it can be challenging for normal players.
Casual - flash chess thinks for about one second, This is a good setting for quick matches during a coffee break. Novice - flash Chess plays at its lowest level. Use this setting if you're syill learning chess or if you want to best it quickly.

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Big Shot Checkers flash game is like classical checkers but with a huge twist: the Big Shot. Three way to win online game: 1. Capture all of your opponent's pieces. 2. Block in your opponent so they have no moves left. 3. get your Big Shot to king row.

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Match your wits against the computer or against a friend in Checkers Fun online game. To move a piece, click on it with your mouse. You can only move the piece one space forward diaginally. You cannot move the pieces backwards. The only time you can move the piece backwards is when you achieve a "King". To king your pieces, you must reach the last row on the opposite side of the board. If you can jump an opponent you must do so in such flash games.

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Dragon Mahjong solitaire flash game is very simple to play: match pairs of identical tiles to remove them from the board and expose the tiles under them. The online game ends if you have no more pairs of identical tiles or you cleared completely the board.
You can help yourself with "hint" button (or press "H" key) to show available couples but you'll lose points for this action.
A the beginning of the game choose the mode you want to play: classic, arena, monument, the wall, four, pyramids.
You can see available couple left and points you get in free online game.

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Play online board game Deal or No Deal and after picking your case, select six of the remaining 25 cases to reveal, one at a time. You will get a phone call from The Banker, who makes an offer to buy the contestant's case for a certain amount, based on the cash amounts still in play. If you accept the buyout, the game then ends, and the contents of the case are revealed (along with the whereabouts of the top remaining prizes). Should you refuse the offer, you then must choose five of the remaining cases to eliminate from consideration.

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The idea of Dice Mogul free online board game is to buy as many properties as you can afford and upgrade them to make money from your competitors. Use Bonus Capsules to help yourself. Click on properties to upgrade them and increase their value. The bonuses you can use are: upgrade – upgrade all your properties to landmarks. Protection – you're safe from paying for one turn. Steal property from other players in flash game. Accident – send a player directly to the hospital. Bonus Eraser - remove all the bonuses from other player. Swap – swap your position with other player.

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Mahjong 3D solitaire is online puzzle game based on a classic Chinese game. The goal is to remove all tiles from the board. You may remove only paired free tiles. The tile is free when there are no tiles either to the left or right and above it. Not every tile set can be fully removed.
Paired (or “matching”) tiles are: any two exactly the same tiles; any two or four “seasons” tiles; any two or four “flowers” tiles. Good luck.

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3 in 1 Checkers free flash board game gives you the opportunity to play your favorite game in different variations and modes.
Standard – play a standard game of checkers against a computer. You must jump if possible. Giveaway – tired of taking all of your opponents pieces? If so this game is for you. The goal of this online game is to force other player to take all your pieces.
Extreme – checkers with a unique twist. Instead of taking turns moving, you move as fast as you can.
Select among hard, good, normal and easy mode.

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In Flash Ludo online board game each player picks a set of counters and places them in the starting squares of the same color. Take it in turns to throw. You must throw 6 before you can move a piece onto the track. Every time you throw 6 you get another throw and you can move any counter to the number shown on the dice.
If your counter lands on one of your opponent's they are knocked off and returned at the beginning of flash board game. If one of your counters lands on top of your counters this forms a block. Your block cannon be passed by any of the opponent's pieces.

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The target of the World Wars online board game is gaining over all territories on th map. In the beginning you can choose how your troops will look and how many players take part in a game (they are computer controlled). Game starts with a randomly created map on which units are located. Your units are always blue.
Pay attention when choosing a map to play. Remember that you receive reinforcements only from the biggest area of connected countries you have. If your units are next to each other on the map, it is easier to win this flash game.