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Simple puzzle with animal 2 is a continuation of well-know part of free flash games. You can collect puzzles of butterfly, parrot, horse, cat, rabbit, and ladybug. It is a good game for children to help them with their evaluative reasoning.
The pictures are bright and pleasant so the gameplay will only bring positive emotions and a lot of fun. You can solve these puzzles alone or with your children. Don’t waste the opportunity to practice and train your brain.

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Beautiful gift board online game is a classical Majhong styled kind of game. You will need to combine different pictures with pictures alike. You can match only those that are open at least from one side, and if they are located close enough to draw a line from one to another. After you click on one, it will illuminate, find the same and click again, both of those cards will disappear; therefore open the access t new cards. The time is limited, so you better do your job fast, and in case you do, you will make combos which will gain you some time.

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The objective of Big Time Butter Baron free online game is to fulfill the day’s quota by placing the butterblock shapes on the board, in such a way that it cover over 50 % of it.
The shapes can be moved and placed on the board with the mouse. They can also be rotated with left and right arrow keys.
Bonuses will be awarded for lines of the board completed, with simultaneous multiple lines yielding even move points.

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It is very pleasant to watch the night sky full of stars. Now you have such opportunity even sitting in front of the computer screen with Star Way board flash game. Moreover you will even complete logical tasks with constellation creation. In order to do so, place the stars on the label in order that lines connecting the stars should not intersect each other. Think carefully, directly form the second level, the game will get tougher and you will need to solve the task as fast as you can.

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Welcome to Black Knight Insurrection free flash game. Choose your path and follow the star. Move the Black Knight by clicking on the floor with an arrow on it. It will show you all possible moves you can make.
Holes and enemies are obstacles in your path. Use the arrow keys to look around. Press Space to reset to original position. You can also click on the edge of the screen.
A switch. It should open something. The auto-save will save your journey automatically.
Kill the King to reveal the star. Press Esc for options menu of the flash game.

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Play online game Simple puzzle with animal where you need to collect the puzzle consisting of 16 pieces. There are several pictures to choose, according to what animal you like more. They are kittens, rabbit, dog, tiger, and squirrel. The time is not limited so you can think over the solution as long as you want. Double click on the puzzle will make it turn. This is a good game for kinds to train their puzzle solving skills.

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X vs O board free online game will enable you to play very famous and well known game on your computer. It is a bright duel between a boy and a girl that play on the beach on a sunny day. You can choose whether to play for a boy or for a girl, therefore you select the level of difficulty: easy or hard. The game lasts till 3 wins of certain character. After you win you will see bright spangles in your honor and you can start the game again changing the difficulty if needed.

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Try your abilities in this funny colorful animated Cute Pets Mahjong flash game. You will have great adventures with cute animals. Click at the identical unlocked items to delete them. The item is unlocked when its two adjacent sides are opened. You win when all items are deleted. There are 20 levels to play. You have 5 minutes to manage first level.

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Maganic wars is a role cards turn based free flash game game. You have 5 cards each turn and you can decide one by clicking on it (to see it better) then you click on the execute button to play your turn. These are the modifiers and rules of the game, of course there are much more features to discover.
- Attack: adds damage points to your strike;
- Shield/Defense: subtracts damage points to the opp strike;
- Counter Strike: damage done in response to a direct attack;
- Paralysis: next card invalidated;
- Poison: damages you each turn;

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In Sliding Cubes online game you will need to fill the given space with blocks available. You can’t turn blocks, some of them will not even move. Each level will get harder and harder. The faster you manage the task the higher score you get.

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Mah-jomino free online game is a combination of famous Mahjong style and Domino game. Have fun while thinking over the appropriate move.

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In Domino Frenzy free online game you will need to arrange all given domino pieces between two locations: start and finish. Then push the first one and the level will be completed if every single one piece falls.

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Touch Chess online game is a classical game with 16 figures for each player. The aim is to capture the king of your opponent. Attack him and don’t let him escape. The game starts with white player turn. You will have the real freedom to play, so enjoy your game.

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In Square It online game you will need to place lines in order to make the square and mark it with your color. The one who has more squares will win. That’s not easy, and in case you make three sides of the square you opponent might draw the last side and capture it.