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In the army people are not transported in the buses. Put them into truck together with barrels and other boxes and transport from one location to another.
Wait while ragdolls or objects are loaded in the truck. See the table to know how many objects are left. Use keyboard to control the truck. You need to deliver 3 objects to complete the first level.

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This island is your new challenge ground in Moto Rush 2 free flash game. Several championships are held here. Each championship cup consists of several races. You need to achieve at least rank C in the race to move to the next race in the cup. Click a cup button then click a race button to begin the race. Win races to gain prize points and obtain the trophies: access to other championships, the advanced vehicles, the new characters and others. In the trophy room you can see whole list of the trophies.

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In the garage you can tune each vehicle by changing its color scheme and a character.
You can switch to the advanced type of a vehicle when you win 12 cup points in the bike championships to receive the advanced bike)
Choose the championship cup in which you want to participate in Moto Rush flash game. Time-attack competitions are on the left. Racing Challenges are on the right.
Win races to gain cup points and unlock new championships. Your current cup points are displayed in your trophy.
Change your vehicle and choose your character in the garage of free flash game.

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Select one of 4 levels to start Stunt crazy challenge pack 2 online game. Sci-fi score – you can opt for such cars as Minority, BTTF and Ron. Bounce along destroying the city and collecting the blur reels. Then hit the black holes to collect the yellow and red reel stunts for max points.
Western score – choose wagon, coach or rails. Crash through the lower town collecting the easy blue reels. Then go high to bust into the jail house picking up the red reel stunt. To finish head over the hill and into the haystacks for the yellow reels.

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Your task in Cycle scramble online game is to race on variety of locations and try to become the champion. Try to complete the objectives on each track to unlock new tracks or characters. Perform tricks to fill up your stunt meter. Get a bronze medal or better to unlock Gentle Slopes. Do a double forward flip for extra 20$.
Arrow up – accelerate, right – lean forward, down – brake, left – lean backward, Space – jump.
You will play in 4 courses (Old McDonalds Farm, Ice Age, Apocalypse, and R-Solo 1) with 5 races in each.

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In flash game Xtreme Vertical Racer you will need to control the flying person. Choose the character you like, his opponent and the game mode. Start the flight in the vertical pit, avoid the obstacles and be the first who reached the finish line.

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In free flash game Tractor Parking you will need to control and park big green tractor. Try to manage the country road using less time. And don’t collide with the fences and cows, they might not like it.

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Ride the trial bike on the dangerous mountains in online game Money Motor. Collect all bank-papers on the level and try to stop at finish line. Turn the direction in case you missed something.

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Johnny Bravo loves summer, because it’s time when the beach is full of cute ladies. Play flash game Johnny Bravo Beach Stunt and help him to deserve respect of beautiful women. Make various tricks during the jump from the springboard. If you have a successful performance you will get higher score and will be able to improve your bike, tricks and abilities.

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Monster track is created for destructions. Play online game Master Blaster and destroy as many equipment as possible. Select one of the best cars and don’t forget the main aim – to finish in time.

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The character of this online game Crash Them All has been fired, and now he want to take vengeance on everyone. The car will be the best tool, moreover it has a bomb which can explode whenever you need. Drive and destroy all cars in order to get high score and move to the next level where you will find more and more car.

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Have you already trained to park cars and long vehicles? In online flash game Park My Plane you can train with planes. Your aim is to park plane into the specifically marked place – terminals. Avoid collisions, because the plane will be destroyed. And also do not waste time – other planes are landing behind you.

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Want to try your skills in parking cars? Play free flash game Parking Lot 2 and perform the task fast – the time is limited. Remember you have 3 tries in order to park your vehicle.

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This is a continuance of a flash game Offroad Madness. Choose the country where you want to go and drive directly there. In order to be there in time - collect the watch bonuses. Control the truck carefully because it’s mad.