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In EURO Shoot-out 2012 flash game, you will play many soccer matches to win the cup of Euro 2012. Choose your team and lead it to victory. You will play both for shooter and goal keeper. Each team will shoot and catch in turns. Try your best to show your mastery in this online game.
Shooter: hold your left button on the football, drag to aim, and release to kick.
Goal keeper: Quickly move mouse toward the incoming ball to prevent the shot.
Choose among 16 countries the one you want to play for.

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Play online game Football Kicks where you will have a great opportunity to practice your penalty kicks. Press Space to set your direction. Press Space again to set your curve. Press Space again to set your power. Be sure to pay attention to the wind. You have 10 balls per match to beat the opponents score. Don’t miss your balls, try to score as many goals as possible. Be careful the wind might change the direction of a ball. Estimate all indicators and score your best goals.

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Move the mouse over the players and guide them to the right of side of the field in Euro 2012 Run online game. The faster the player goes the more points you earn. Make the player go faster by mouse over on them.
Avoid the thorny balls. Collect the golden balls for extra points and dribble the regular balls to the right of the screen to earn more points.
Try to fulfill the target to win the wave.

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Change the curse of events in Euro championship in Euro Striker 2012 free flash game. Choose the team you want to play for and lead it to the victory of this championship. Now you are in charge of players destiny, and you will decide who is worth of being on the top of all countries in Europe.
Move with arrow keys. A – Pass / Switch. S – Shoot / Tackle. Play online game Euro Striker 2012 and change the history of football.

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Click to drop shapes in the right positions so the ball could roll to the goal. Play flash game for free and receive necessary experience of puzzle solving. Rolling football is one of the best online games, though it is not actually a real football game.
Football players can make incredible goals on the field. But here you will have to make super scores using just your intelligence and estimating skills.
Each level of the game will bring you new challenges which you need to overcome with ease in case you want to be a real football and puzzle player.

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More zombie sightings were reported yesterday in several major cities across Europe. One taxi driver who had a close encounter with one of the half-witted flesh said “He was ugly, didn’t talk any sense, and smelled of fish. Then Jeremy Clarkson got out of my cab, and that’s when I saw a zombie wearing a United kit”. A police spokesman said that anyone seeing a “zomballer” should give them a good whacking over the head with a shovel. We asked a legal expert if pulling limbs off zombies was allowed under European law.

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The objective of the Football defans flash game is to keep soccer fans from killing each other. To do so, form police squads along the fans’ travel line.
To drive away large groups of fans, use ghetto bird. For fans injured in fights, call an ambulance. To motivate cops to work better, pay them a bonus.
Cops become more experienced during street collisions. After a certain level, cops’ characteristics can be advanced.

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Why do you need to wait till Euro Championship starts? You can begin the game right now by choosing your team and leading it to the victory. Use all your accuracy skills and react fast on things that happen on the soccer field. There are two stages: 1. Without ball: A – soft tackle, S – change players, D – hard tackle. 2. With ball: A – lob, S – pass, D – kick. Choose one team among 16. Select whether you want to play official rounds or new random group. Opt for one group among: A, B, C, D. Play free online game Euro 2012 GS Soccer and be the one who wins the championship.

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Your objective in Skyline soccer flash game is to kick the ball from roof to roof. Aim the ball by moving your mouse around the player. Click the mouse button to kick to the next player. Discover bonus items and level secrets. Perform dinks, lobs, huge passes and spectacular overhead volleys. You need to pass the ball to every player to complete the level. Have fun in unusual football playing, which has only kicks in common with usual soccer.

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Your objective in Free kicker flash game is to score a goal in all 10 levels. Set direction and power of the shoot. Use the mouse to move the player inside the semi circle. Click the mouse to shoot the ball. Check the wind direction before the shoot. You get 10 chances to score. You can only miss the goal 10 times. When you score a goal, click the next button to play the next level. Show your sport soccer mastery.

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Play online game Penalty shootout 2012 and shoot to score. Use the mouse to control direction, height and speed while shooting. Time your click to block the shot while goalkeeping. Click gloves when the striker kicks. Choose the team among Groups A, B, C, D. Show your mastery in this football flash game. Be accurate not only with shots but also when keeping the ball. Don’t let the opponent team score more goals than you do.

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Division Jumper online game is the football league jumper. Start out in Division 3 then jump your way up through league one and two, the championship and finally of you can reach then; the Premier League, Champions League and the World Cup. Click anywhere to jump, then move your player with mouse. Kick off soccer balls and propel yourself higher. Jump up into another league and see how far you can get. Kicking off the spinning balls will propel you even higher. Watch out for refs holding yellow and red cars. Use mouse to lead your player.

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Play online game Football Champions and move your player with mouse. Once the ball is on the ground you cannot dribble and you have 5 seconds to shoot before its reset. Of course you can go for a header or a volley before it even touches the ground. You can stop it and let it fall on the ground before you kick, or you can try a volley. If you click when the ball is just above your player’s head he will try a header. Aim by clicking when the ball is in the right spot. Aim higher by clicking below player’s waist and the other way round.

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A lot of people like to criticize goalkeepers for their actions, but try yourself with this task in Goalkeeper Premier free online game. You have the chance to stand in the goal of favorite club and protect the goal for your team. You are the last line of defence. Use your mouse and reflexes to help your favourite club to become best of 300+ English teams. Select your favourite club and defend your goal in 5-round cup. Keep your eyes on the ball and move gloves with mouse to block or even catch the ball. For every defence you get one glove on scoreboard. Catch the ball and get 2 gloves once.