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Would you like to check your accuracy and deftness abilities?! This game gives you such opportunity. Play for afro girl and try to hit the basket from various locations. Don’t forget to be accurate – the shots aren’t endless. Get your score in the table and improve it with next the game.

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Check your deftness and skills to throw basketball balls directly in to the basket. You have 5 position, 5 balls and 2 minutes of time. Find the golden middle between the power and the direction of the throw. More balls your kick in the basket in a row - higher score you get. Set your own records and compete with friends.

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The town again has a lot of terrorists and you as the best FBI racer have to catch them. While driving you will have some hints where to find needed cars. You simply hit them and make them stop. You will get scores after each car is stopped, which will be displayed in the bottom of the screen. Save the town and get higher score.

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Drive car as fast as you can before the time is finished, but watch your speed! Play online game Adrenaline Speed Drive and hold right arrow key to drive, press left arrow key to brake. Press M key to mute music or Press U key to Unmute music.

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Feel what it’s like to jockey a 1,000-lb thoroughbred in the most realistic Horse Racing Fantasy flash game available. If you like fun, fast action, then you’ll love this exciting racing game with rich 3D incredible graphics It’s the best of all horse games.

Instructions: Using either your mouse or your keyboard, you control the horse you select as the jockey. Your job is to position your horse strategically through the race and try to win as many races as possible and score the most points.

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One viking decided to carry the load on a truck instead of carrying it himself. The drive is bumpy, so watch your speed not to lose your cargo.
Play the Viking Delivery online flash game using the arrow keys.

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Load the Mad Mine Truck with ores and deliver it to the factory. Try to make it on time, although be very careful as you might get into an accident or lose yout load on your way.
Play the game online using the arrow key controls.

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Heat Rush is a perfect online game for racing game lovers. You get to pilot an awesome sports car. race the other drivers, complete different tasks, and enjoy real speed (there are no cops, ahh!). 10 different tracks, lots of upgrades won't get you bored for sure.
Press the up arrow or W key to accelerate, left and right arrows or A and D keys to steer. Down arrow or S key to break. Press the space bar for turbo.

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Jam XM is a racing intergalactic game online.
While driving along collect the bonuses.
Use the arrow keys to move, Shift to drop oil and Ctrl to shoot plasma charges and rockets.
Who will eat whose rust? Show your rivals what you can do! Good luck!

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This online card game is real fun for the poker games lovers.
Use the mouse to bet, press "Deal" when ready.
Good luck!

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A very simple yet quite challenging online game. Practice your control abilities while steering down the laps. Choose the color and the specifications of the car.
Have fun!

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Bumper Car Madness: play an addicting bumper to bumper game and beat the other 3 cars. Get as many tokens as you can. Try to get the powerup or powerdown tokens - such as the freezing or speeding up ones.
To go to the next level you'll need to pay the fare.