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In Straight Pool there are 16 balls in total: 7 solids (numbered 1-7), 7 stripes (numbered 9-15), the black eight-ball, and the white cue ball.
To win Billiards Master Pro free online board game: the first player to pocket 8 balls, regardless of suit wins the game. Scratching: If you fail to sink any balls, it's your opponent's turn. If you sink the cue ball, it's your opponent's turn. The cue ball is put back in a random spot behind the white line. In this case, any other balls sunk during the same shots are put back on the table in a random spot.

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Upstream Kayak flash sport game is a nice chance to slide the mountain river in case you are afraid to perform this in real life. Play online game and have fun staying at home with realistic gameplay and colorful graphics. Press Up to Paddle. Press the Spacebar to jump. Use 1, 2, 3, 4 to perform tricks. Collect fruits: pineapples, oranges, strawberries and bananas for points and turbo speed.
Use arrow keys to rotate kayak.

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Try to clear the pool table before the time runs out. Using your mouse aim the cue ball where you would like to go. Control your shot power by holding down the mouse. React fast and enjoy these fun 10 levels of Ultimate Billiards free online sport game.
Play flash games of new generation, with improved graphics and gameplay. Interesting explosive balls will give you more adrenaline, as they will explode in case you don't score them in time.

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Play online riding game Pipe Riders and use easy controls to move. Press up and down to accelerate and slowdown.
Use left and right to steer and dodge obstacles.
Grab green cubes to repair your shield. If your shield is at 100%, green cubes will give you time bonuses in flash games. Press enter or R during a race to retire. Race against the clock in each track to unlock new ones. Beat records to get medals.

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Your goal in Neon Race 2 online racing game is to beat the level time to unlock the next level. Smash into the red vehicles and avoid hitting the blue vehicles. rivals and killers watch out. Smash rivals for big turbo boost bonus. Ram killers off the road or evade them using turbo. Use your turbo wisely - smash red vehicles and revals to build up your turbo meter. Engage turbo for super speed. Keep hitting red vehicle and rivals to extend turbo time. Earn extra cash to purchase cars and upgrades. Make all vehicles smashable for a limited time.

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The aim of Blueprint Billiards free online sport game is to pot the nine ball. On each shot, any ball may be potted so long as the cue ball makes contact with the lowest numbered ball on the table first.
A foul is awarded if the cue ball hits the wrong ball first or enters a pocket. In this case the opponent may place the cue ball anywhere on the table at the start of their turn.

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In Risky Drive online racing game you can pick the car with your favorite color: white, red, green, metallic and blue. Drive the car without getting hit by the trucks and barrels. If it gets hit, the car gets damaged. Subsequent hits will lead to the game getting over. Reach the destination within the time limit. Use arrow keys to interact. Up arrow key to accelerate. Right and left arrow keys to steer the car. Press Spacebar to bring the game to pause. Press M to mute the sound.

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President Bush is growing increasingly frustrated as the length of time it is taking to win the war in Iraq. He has decided to take matters into his own hands and head to Iraq himself to try to end the conflict and silence the critics of the war.
Armed with a brand new monster truck manufactured in Crawford, Texas, help Bush crush the enemy and destroy all of the Saddam statues throughout the country.
Use left/right to drive backward and forward in Bush Hill Rampage free online racing game. Space: flip car (only works when car is upside down).

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On 29 September 2211 two of the five reactors in SNP511 exploded. The SNP511 nuclear plant has been closed. Your mission is to explore the plant and collect information about the radiation levels.
Use Up arrow to accelerate, down arrow to brake/reverse, left/right arrow to rotate, X - bounce, S - sound on/off. Tips: accelerate and press X to jump of the vertical wall (very useful sometimes). Press X when you have to climb stairs or get stuck.

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Drive close to another car to pick up a draft and increase your speed in Grand Prix Go online racing game. Steer, accelerate and brake with WASD or arrow keys. Boost when available with X or N, and reset car with space. You've got 8 laps to help you learn the track. Beat the lap record to earn an achievement. A recording of your best lap so far, is played back to help improve your time.

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In Crescent Solitaire 2 online board game you have to move all your cards from the outer piles (tableau) to the eight foundation piles in the center. Build the aces up in suit to the king, and the kings down in suit to the ace.
Cards in the tableaus can be moved on top of one another as long as they are the same suit and the card being placed is directly higher or lower in value as the card beneath it.


In Spectomancer: Truth and Beauty free online board game you fight other mages by strategically using and casting creatures and magical spells. You can play either against the computer or against other people.

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Cross Country Skifahren is a nice sport online game where you will manage different tracks and tasks. Cross-Country Skiing - move mouse left/right to keep the skier on track - click mouse to increase power. If your skier goes off track he will slide back on course easier if you reduce power and guide him back. If your skier works too hard he will quickly run out of stamina, making steady shooting much harder.
Shooting - use your mouse to aim your gun at the red targets - click mouse to shoot. You have 5 shots to hit each of the 5 targets - any misses will incur a 10 second penalty.

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Do tricks to get a high score in free online sport game Ski Tricks before the time runs out. Get to the finish line in time for bonus. Left/right arrow to do flips. Arrow up to spin. Land sideways to slide on logs and rails. Otherways land as straight as you can for the best possible score for your tricks. Combination of jump and rail gives extra score.
Left/right arrow for skiing to the left/right, arrow up to turn. Press Space to gather power and release space to jump.