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If you collect three or more figures of the same color in the horizontal or vertical line they will disappear. If there is a stone slab under these figures it will be destroyed. To pass to the next level of Ancient Jewels free flash board game you should destroy all stone slabs. Do not forget about timer it shows how much time you have.

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Your goal in Bahamas is to move all cards from the playing field to the deck at the bottom. Click the card you want to move that is one higher or lower than the opened card at the bottom.
You can use Undo button to cancel your last move. Hint button shows possible move. You have 2 kinds of bonuses in online game. A card marked with a butterfly helps you to remove any unwanted card from the playing field. A card marked with a magnolia can cover any card on the playing field.

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To win online cassino game D-Evo, defeat the enemy until his HP equals zero or less. Use the mouse to click and drag the cards to a new position. The play screen consists of such areas: enemy cards, dino egg, battle arena, end turn, egg sack, your discard sack, dino card, cards left, life, your deck and your cards.

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Use the arrow keys to move the players in Tiny Soccer free online sport game. Click the mouse to tackle or kick the ball to where the cursor points. Your controls will move automatically to the player that most close to the ball.
Use your speed and accuracy to play soccer game. The game has not common set of players. You will have only three players in your team.
The characters are funny and performed in cartoon design.

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Collect coins to upgrade and buy stuff when you play online sport game Turbo Golf. At the beginning of each level you see the whole distance from start to finish and all coins are displayed there. After that you will shoot the ball. Choose the direction and the power in order to catch more coins.
Rough and sand make your shot slower and more difficult. Use powerups to give you an advantage: accuracy, coin magnet and air boost. Buy powerups in the shop. Use them once during play.

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Take daring jumps in Risky Rider free online racing game and reach the sky. Get your bike as high as possible, beat all the levels and become the ultimate extreme sports showman. You'll need to Fine tune your bike for each new challenge or you won't make it.
Use Up and Down to speed up and brake. Use Left and Right to rotate in flash games. You can do cool tricks pressing these keys while jumping:
whip - press the Space bar;
MCMetz - Press the Z key;
No hander - Press the X key;
Seat garb (one hander) - press the C key;
Side flip - Press the V key.

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In the classic 2006 World Cup finals between France and Italy, Materazzi provoked Zidane repeatedly. Zidane could not take anymore and rammed his head right into Materazzi's chest. Zidane got a red card but he is still a great French hero whose 2 almost identical headers defeat Brazil in 1998.
This is a tribute to the man, the French Phenom, Zinedine Zidane.
Play online soccer game Zidane Showdown where you need to kick balls which Buffon throws at you.
The number of balls he will throw in one level is indicated above. You need to knock them away before they hit you in flash game.

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The object of Crecent Solitaire online game is to move all of the cards from the outer piles onto the central foundation areas. There are 2 foundation areas for each suit and you must build sequentially in eaither ascending or descending order.
The topmost card on each pile can be moved onto another pile if they are of the same suit and in ascending or descending order. For example, a 7 of clubs may be placed onto either a 6 of clubs or an 8 of clubs.

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Lightning free flash game main objective is to get rid of your cards before the computer does. Drag one card at a time from your hand at the bottom of the screen to one of the four discard piles in the middle of the screen. If the arrow under the deck is pointing up place a card that is one value higher on top. If the arrow is pointing down place a card that is one value lower on top. Going up, once you get to 13 the next match is 1. Going down from 1 the next match is 13.
There are 3 special kinds of cards:
wild cards can be placed on any card and card can be placed on top of them;

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In License Quest free online race game you're learning to drive and have to appear to your License test. The tests keep getting tougher by the day, but what you get in the end is worth the trouble and more.
Use usual for flash racing games controls: up arrow - to accelerate, down arrow - to brake/reverse, left, right - to turn left and right, space - handbrake. Perform your task before time runs out.

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Play online racing game Drag Race Demon Deluxe where you will only need to drag the arrow to the right to accelerate. Try to start as quickly after the green light as possible. You get a bonus if you do this quickly enough.
If you accelerate too quickly your Dragster will rear up and flip over. This effect can be reduced by buying the Chassis upgrade in flash game.
If you buy the Parachute upgrade you will be given the option to deploy once you cross the finish line. Do this before you come to a stop for a bonus.

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To score in Goal Wall Shooting soccer online game, shoot the ball into one of the three holes of the wall. The left and right holes score 500, the middle 250. To shoot, move the mouse over the ball. Click and hold the left mouse button. A red cross hair appears which you can drag around to set the point you will hit the ball. The red circle indicates the area you hit the ball at the previous shot.
The blue power bar indicates the strength of your shot. The red sign inside indicates the strength of the previous shot flash soccer game. Release the mouse button to shoot.

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In Elastic Soccer online game you will use the mouse to play the ball with the blue set of players. Pay attention. If you hit a green player with the ball you will loose your turn. The goalkeeper can be controlled by pressing the Shift key.
Use your skills to play football flash game. Show your mastery playing favorite online game.
The controls are easy and the gameplay is very addictive.
Now with the variety of soccer flash games you can combine the features and play any you like on the site including this one.

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The objective of Champions League free football online game is to win. Use the arrow keys to move and run. Use Z and X to pass and shoot. You can only control one player at a time and that player is the one with a green circle around him. Pay attention to the fatigue bar. If it's red your player will not have enough energy to shoot or pass.
You cannon control the players while the ball is at one of the goal keepers. Your opponents will be harder to defeat as you advance from one phase of the competition to another.