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Wasps are relatively intelligent and tough condenders. They can take plenty of punishment, they move fast, and if you line up with them to attack, they'll unleash their stingy offspring at you and dash away.
Their projectiles can be dodged if you're quick, but just strafing a wasp isn't nearly enough to kill it. Two battery-shaped conductors form the endpoints of a deadly wall of electricity. Just brushing up against a shockwall will kill you instantly. Hairballs cannot penetrate the electricity, but concentrated fire can blow up either endpoint, neutralizing the shockwall. Heavy-armored bomb isn't going anywhere, but its timer is ticking down to an unavoidable explosion that'll deplete half your max health. You can defuse it with a lot of concentrated hairball fire - and you have no alternative, so if you see a time bomb in flash game, get rid of it immediately. At regular intervals, you'll run into the nasty little ship, piloted by an enemy general hiding out far to the right where it's shielded by other enemies. A saucer will hover in, pause to aim and spray bolts at you for a few seconds, and then drift away. Get a head start in damaging it, because it has a lot of health.
In online games coins appear several times as a random event. They are worth 10,000 points each, easily worth grabbing, but not worth risking your life for. Picking up delicious treat recovers 25% max game progresses. Letting one pass by is a grave mistake, and in most cases, it is advisable to take a bullet in order to grab a biscuit. The canned, feline-gourmet tune derivative recovers 50% max health. It is only attainable by destroying a rare enemy saucer, but it can prolong your run phenomenally in online game.
A dose of randomly-occurring pickup turns your hairballs red, doubling their power for 5 seconds. Blastium is enough to quickly clear out some built up wasps or cut through multiple layers of lesser enemies, and is more effective even than the admiral laser for concentrated fire on well-armored enemies.
In StarCatz online game you can get to the secret minigame from somewhere on the title screen. Click everything. No, really, you should be able to find it now.