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You are a simple driver of stream-air taxi in Steamcab online game. Live and work in the city with exorbitant fines, crime, corrupt police, and in addition you have wicked wife, whose appetites are growing. Practicing domestic violence, every day she throws you to work with the requirement without the money does not return.
So day by day without rest, you have to deliver passengers, trying to earn the required amount of money while maintaining a fueling and mend holes in the casing of your old taxi in the city which the authorities just wallow in their greed and and impunity when you play online game. In the tunnels between the areas they have put mechanisms that are fine and damage everyone who files by in flash game. Approaching such zones you know that the "Yellow Zone" take away money if you fly in the wrong direction. "Blue Zone" in online game takes away money if you fly too slowly. "Red Zone" at the moment can destroy you. Also, is some areas you may be attacked by bandits, who are damaging your taxi and taking your money, in other areas you may encounter rivals from the "Green cab" company, they try to push you away, and sometimes you can find the corrupt police officers who fine you for nothing in such online games.
In general, we must admit, your life is far from ideal, but you have a dream that warms you, to one day escape from the city, away from its inhabitants, and especially away from the hated evil monster, you wife.