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500 year ago, in a Planet Alpha8 which only Monkeys exist in it. One fine day, there came the Aliens. They started to invade planet Alpha8. A competition for food started between them. The Monkeys have to eliminate the Aliens to prevent their own downfall. The war between Monkey and Aliens begin in free flash game.

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More and more safari parks are getting transformed into hunting ground every day. Nobody knows who's behind this, but ever since the Safari Park started losing money, they are threatening to destroy it. The Park needs your help. Every day in Safari flash game you will receive challenges. Your first main challenge is to collect 2 stars by the end of the day. Bonus challenge is to collect 5 start by the end of the day.

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Welcome to Super Fireman free flash game. Your main objective is to put out or control a wild fire and rescue people by taking them to a safe area. To put fires you can use either a helicopter or a fire truck. To begin online game you will need to load the helicopter with water. Click the helicopter (or use hotkey 1) and then click the water to fill it. When the helicopter is full of water, move it to the fire affected area by clicking the fire.

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In The Last Village online game you will defend your village from enemy invasion. You can train 5 different armies to help you protect the village. Each army is led by a commander who has a special ability. At the top left corner you can see how many days you have kept the village unharmed. Every time you end your round, the number will increase by one.

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Click on the tower in Xeno Tactic 2 free flash game to select it and information about that tower will appear at the top info screen and upgrade panel. Once you have selected a tower move the cursor back onto the map. To cancel use spacebar or mouse-wheel up or down. If the contour of the tower goes red, you cannot place a tower there.

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The enemy will approach from the top of the screen, marching along the roads towards the bottom in flash game Defense 1942.
Build defenses near the roads to kill the enemies as they pass. Click on your defenses and upgrade them to make them more powerful for the rest of the level.
Your cash balance is carried over to the next level. For every mile advanced, you will get 5 extra lives, a 750$ bonus, and 3 upgrade points.
Spend upgrade points between levels to improve defenses.
When flash game is paused, a schematic map will be overlaid on the terrain to help you place towers correctly.

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Build towers to protect your base in Fujitsu Defender online game. Every tower has different stats. Use your skill points to upgrade your towers, stats and game. You will get 1 skill point after every wave. Use them wisely. Achievements: Special award in game. You will get cash and score bonus for each. Score bonus is 10x cash bonus. Score rewards: you get score for every killed enemy. You get score bonus after wave. You get bonus for survival 100x lives.

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Welcome to Bug War 2 online game where you'll have to defend your spawns and capture enemy spawns. There are 2 types of building: Spawn and Tower. Spawn produces units. Tower attacks enemy units.
Unflagged buildings are non teamed buildings. Therefore, these buildings won't attack the other. To send units to other spawn, drag your pointer from your building to the target building. Selection of multiple spawns are done by dragging the pointer over all of the desired spawns.

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In Tank Guardians free mobile game you have to defend your territory. Each time an enemy tank breaks your defense, the bar point on the top left will be decreased by one. Follow the Battle Field Score, each time the mission in this battle field is accomplished, this score will be submitted to your global score. The money box shows your current money. Each time you defeat a wave, you'll get extra money. Each battle field has different amount of money dependable on the difficulties. In the Tank Unit Button you must choose which unit you wanna attach before you use it on battle field.

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It is 336 BC, and you are Alexander the Great in free flash game with the same name Alexander the Great. Your desire is to reach the end of the Earth and the Great Outer Sea.
Your objective in online game is to conquer all the nations that oppose you. Show them your great tactical ability and crush them.
Select a city to invade. You are presented with a map - you can only invade cities adjacent to territories you have already conquered. Click on cities to see their strengths and terrain types.

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Welcome to Galactic Defender TD online game general. Your task is to defend these routes form enemy storm. But first you need to see the game basics. Use arrows to view the entire battlefield. There are your available troops. Choose well your units according to fire range, power, rate and speed. You can upgrade your troops on battlefield using the panel. Thanks to engineers all troops have been equipped with a powerful engine for movement. Select starship on the screen and click anywhere to move.

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Welcome back soldier. Looks like these penguins will never give up, huh! Well as long as they keep coming, we'll keep splatting them. Letting penguins reach the exit will cost you lives. Build towers by clicking on the icons at the bottom or use keys 1-8.
In free online game Penguins Attack TD 4 as you place towers you can see which route the penguins will take through the level.

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Finally, the student years are over. It was more than too long, decades in fact, spending half your time as the chief of guard of a small town in the outskirts (this at least kept you from forgetting gemcrafting spells), and the other half keeping yourself young and ready with cheap magic tricks, and studying higher wizardry.

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Welcome to Arx Prime, commander! Before we send you off to defend the colonies, we've got a bit of a training exercise lined up, therefore you understand how things operate out. There's a few bomb drones headed your way right now, so try and get some Flak Guns up on the towers. Take a look at the colonist-occupied Hab Blocks in the center of the colony. The safety of colonists is your primary concern in all missions. Right now they're awfully vulnerable, so set up a few armor blocks on top of the Hab blocks.