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In Island Tribe 2 you have to rebuild your island and make it bloom with the help of several workers. Collect resources which will help you to progress and rebuild the dwelling. Chain actions for greater efficiency. Click several tasks and your workers will complete them one after another. Try to upgrade buildings as many times as possible. Upgraded buildings provide you with more resources.
Upgrade a camp to get one more worker. The more workers you have, the more tasks can be accomplished at the same time.

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Welcome to Mushroom Revolution - a tower defense free online game with endless combinations and possibilities. Navigating the map: use WASD keys to move around or simply move your mouse to the edge of the map to scroll.
Building towers (called "gomphus"): click on the gomphus (looks like a mushroom) and place it anywhere on the map. Click space to cancel placement. You must have at least 100 gold to build a gomphus.

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Hello, soldier. We need to clear this place of zombies, and we've got to hold this road. You have 4 unique fighters: Trooper gets the job done - fast. Laser shoots a beam that cuts right through any zombies. Bazooka has a rocket made specially to blast whole groups of zombies. Sniper is a 1 shot, 1 kill kind of guy. Yo call Trooper in click the icon and then put him strategically on the map.
All soldiers of Mexican Zombie Defense online game have a limited ammo stock. Click a soldier to monitor his supply. Buy him more when he needs it, and upgrade his weapons there too.

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Place towers in the field, you can't place them anywhere, so watch out for trees and big rocks, upgrade your towers. Kill them all in Middle Ages Defense free online TD game. Once you placed your first tower the first wave will begin. If an enemy crosses the field, you will lose life. You have six different tower types with different skills, 30 waves of intense strategy flash game await you.

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Those pesky penguins are back once again in Penguins Attack 3 online strategy game to try and take over the world. Use all the weapons and cunning at your disposal to prevent them from reaching their goal. When Level Up Bar is full you will level up and be given the chance to choose and unlock a new feature.


After defeating the Drill Drone, the heroes celebrate. their cheers are halted as buck spots hordes of Dark Spirits marching towards grael. It appears that the Dark spirit has not given up, and wants to take the Agimat stones by force. The Agimat stones must not fall into the wrong hands. The Dark Spirit must be stopped at any cost.

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Decades have passed since I started my quest to find the Gem of Eternity. A gem with miraculous powers - giving eternal life, opening gates to other worlds, commanding creatures to mention a few... I haven't spent all my life studying magic powers. When I learned about the gem, I was exited by the council for reading forbidden books. I knew I found something exceptional and continued my studies in secret, hiding from the world.

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Welcome to Bloons Tower Defense 4 free online strategy game. You can select among easy, medium and hard modes before starting the game. On easy, stuff is quite cheap to buy and you have 200 lives. There are 50 rounds to pass. The Spike factory regularly generates dozens of Road Spikes and automatically drops them on the track near by. Left over spikes disappear at the end of each round. Darting gun shoots darts rapidly but a little inaccurately to wherever your mouse is. You can decide exactly where this tower will shoot by moving your mouse wherever you want.

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The objective of the Empire of the Galaldur online game is to conquer all the provinces so they will be named Conqueror. You have to manage the production of the resources, build the structures and train the army from to get them ready to fight.
At the beginning you need to build a town hall. Press build button and choose town hall. At the town hall you can build other structures. The higher the level, the faster constructions are completed.

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For years, war has been shaping the continents. As conflict spread, songs and tales of conquest, struggles and heroics, all spilled across the world, circulating among the people as they fought to live their daily lives.

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Fight your way to destroy the enemy castle before he destroys you in Aeon Defense online game. The castles are located deep in both bases, which are located at the top right and bottom left corners of the map.

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In Eternal Battle online game you have to defend your main building – Crystal of life at any cost. On the market square you can find different shops which provide you with all necessary equipment for battle. Light Side Barracks train support units – creeps and heroes. Towers defend Base and Crystal of life from enemy units. The target of your mission in online game is to destroy Dark Altar and protect Crystal of Life. But this task is not so easy, because Dark Altar is well-protected by its towers, units and heroes.

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Only a winding canyon divides the enemies from the peaceful town. Your task in Canyon Defense online game is to build ideal defense system to protect your city. Build your defense in preparation for the attacks. The next wave is displayed at the bottom of your control panel.
You build your defense using the different towers available in the Control Panel. The towers will attack enemies that come within their shooting range. Different towers attack different types of enemy (ground or air) in free mobile games, so plan wisely.

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Your mission in When Penguin Attack free online strategy game is simple – stop little creatures and don't let them reach their target. Every time one escapes you lose a life. As enemies are killed you will earn more cash to spend on further towers and upgrades. Purchase the various towers from the menu at the bottom and place around the battlefield to build your defenses.