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Play free online game Vacation Mogul where your uncle left you heritage in a form of island in paradise beauty place. Now your task is to lead his hotel business and have the industry prosper.

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Play online game Dinner City and become the best restaurant owner in the city. You win when you earn 100% of the level money goal or earn more money than your opponent. You have limited count of days to reach the goal. You need money in order to keep your business running.
Each restaurant has certain seat count and revenue per customer values. Keep them high in order to get good income. More employees in flash games mean faster serving speed. You must constantly upgrade your restaurants to keep the seat count and revenue high.

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Welcome to Oiligarchy free strategy online game. World War II is over and the future looks bright for the West. Your new office is on the top floor of one of the biggest Oil companies in the World. Your task is to turn that black sticky stuff into gold by any means necessary.
Mother Nature hid her dark treasure in the Earth's bowels. Use the exploration vehicles to find the reservation over land or sea.

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Choose mode before starting Claytus Hood flash game. Old concession – purchase a turret by clicking on the workshop. Choose a white spot to build it. Click on the Next Wave button to launch enemies wave. You can earn money every time you kill enemies. Spend your cash buying new turrets or upgrading your machine guns. At the beginning of the game you will have only three types of turrets available: machinegun, shotgun, and Dung Barrel. Each of turrets have different damages and own features.

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There is a great deal to be done in Goodgame Empire free online strategy game before you can launch the massive attack. To build barracks for troops open the construction menu. Click the building and place it in the castle. When you are ready for the battle, click on the globe and enter the world map. You will see the castle of the king's murder Darkwall in front of you. Click on the castle and launch the attack. You can attack the traitor from three sides in this online game. Move your fighters to the frontal attack and let the battle commence.

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Your goal in Cursed Treasure free flash game is to keep your gems from being stolen. Enemies go from the entrance to the cave, take one gem and carry it back to the entrance. If you save at least one gem (even if it's out of the cave) the mission will be completed.
To destroy the enemies you should build towers. There are 3 basic towers in online game:
Den can be built only on a grass tile;
Crypt can be built only on a snow tile;
Temple can be built only on a rock tile.

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Play online game 1945 Tower Defense and feel yourself like on the real war. Press B to build a turret. Select among: gun turret (average damage and fire ratio), blister turret (low damage, but has the ability to slow), tiger turret (shoots rapidly) or PTDG turret (a beam that burns your enemies. Hold down CTRL to place multiple turrets. Press space to start next wave. Each wave will last for 70 sec. But there will be a lot of planes to crush, so don't underestimate your forces.

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Hexagon Planet td is a kind of free flash games where you need to protect your base. If you save at least one life the mission will be completed. Create towers by pressing corresponding button. Creeps come out from red spots. Don’t let then get to the portal or you lose lives.
Several towers have already been created for you. Survive 6 waves to win.
Click the tower icon hold Shift to build multiple towers. You can use super abilities: use qwer or 1234 to select ability.

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My pet protector 3 free strategy game tells us a story about the world of Arkandia being finally at peace. It had been many years since the last of the great Protectors had laid down his sword. The once vital academy had been abandoned, left to the care of a simple scholar. The surrounding town had shrunk to a small village, its residents having left for the larger cities. While all was good for the land of men, evil was once again on the move.

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Greetings to you glorious warrior. For 50 years the horde of Goblins has trampled the land. People can’t stand it any linger. The king is too old to continue leading the army. Therefore he bestows this task on you, Ermak. Bring him dozens of Goblin heads, and then you will earn the people’s trust and the army will follow you.
First mission for you in The War Cry free strategy game is to kill 12 goblins. You find the icon of the current mission goal on the left.
You need gold to keep and command the army of this flash game. Send a few miners to the mine and they will get gold for you.

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You are an Elemental answering the call of the Gods. They have ordered you to finish the realm in our lands of the possessed insects, which only respond to orders of a spider. Your chalange is finish with this realm, but to achieve this you will need to: kill all the possessed insects.
Destroy the lair where the insects born. Protect your power towers that allows upgrade the Element superpowers, giving you iron stars.
Get to the cave at the end of a tortuous route and kill the giant King Spider.

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Once upon a time on the Wild West. Bandits want to steal your bulls. Don’t let the bandits reach your pasture. If you lose all of your bulls, the battle will be lost.
For defending use cowboys. To hire more cowboys, earn money from killed bandits. Upgrade your cowboys when they level up.
If you kill all of the bandits on the current wave and are ready to defeat the next wave click start. You can speed up the game. There are a lot of skills and achievements. And also you will play through numerous interesting levels in different locations.

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Welcome to your own soda factory. Start your own soda production company in Fizzy frenzy free flash game
Click on the blank can to start production. The only control is your mouse. In the paint booth choose a design for your can. Wait until the painting is done. Take can from the device. Look at the recipe in the interface and choose water carbonation level. Choose a syrup for your soda.
You can start making another can while another is being processed. The last step is coloring the can. Afterwards it will be removed automatically.

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Your mission in Villainous tower defense online game is to build your army and dominate the lands. You are the land’s more Fearsome evil wizard that nobody knows. But soon you will amass an army to strike down all who oppose you. Villainous is the opposite of the tower defense game. Instead of building towers that protect, you summon the units that siege and plunder. This is not a regular TD so the tutorial is Highly recommended. If you’d like to skip it, click on the skip button to close it. Destroy the peasant town by clicking on the button with a Goblin Raider on it.