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Defend your medieval castle from opponent army invasion. Build various constructions and place warriors – wizards, archers, knights on the way of your enemy. You will receive money with each successful level. You can spend them to improve your defenders.

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Defend the passageway to your base with the help of universal soldier. He can fire back alone and create the defensive towers. Moreover the special army will arrive in time and help you hold back the attack of enemy forces.

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Feel yourself as a farmer. This game will give you the nice opportunity to test your abilities to grow vegetables, produce eggs, milk, cheese, flour and a lot of other products. You can automatize and widen your farm, planting more items and earning more money.

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Is there any life on Mars? Have you ever put such question? We have found out that there is certainly some life on Mars, and that “life” decided to query the Earth existence. Buy army, settle protective defense and fight for your planet. During the fight you are going to stand aside and your warrior will fight for you.

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Help Scooby and Shaggy to get out of the room. They are in the Pyramids. You need to clear your path by moving the boxes. Think ahead as there are limited steps you can make. If you fail the ghost of Anubis will appear and you will habe to retake the level.
To play Scooby-doo Curse of Anubis online free game you will need to use the arrow keys. There is no time pressure.

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Your iq challenge this time is in the following: help the animals to cross to the other side of the river. Note that only big animals and baby bear can row the boat. The small animals can stay with the big animals of the same kind not to be eaten.
Use the mouse to play the IQ challenge - animal cross online free game.

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Don't let those bloons reach the end of the maze. Prevent them by setting traps which you can buy on your right. Manage the money wisely.
Use the mouse to play this online game.

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The Commanders Sister is a long scenario strategy game online.
Build your defence strategic units adn be ready for the oncoming enemy. Lots of upgrades, different types of weapons await for you in the course of the game. The story is twisted, there's even some love line there.

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Create your own deadly disease and wipe out the mankind. The humans have 200 days to find a cure to the disease. You earn points by killing humans. You can change the way your unique disease spreads, its symptoms.
Go through the process of evolving from a virus to a pandemic disaster in Pandemic online game.

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The point of this online game is to for the warriors to go through the missions. Build your army, watch out for the enemies, be careful. Once all your soldiers die, you lose.

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In this strategic online game you need to place the mushrooms-defenders in such way that the enemies that are trying to get into the farm get shot. You can upgrade the mushrooms that are already placed for higher shooting abilities and speed.
Move the map with the mouse, use the mouse to build the defenders.

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Rescue the gardens, save the Linden suburs from the pests-invaders together with Bob Galler, the best garden pest destroyer in the Gardenland. Choose your weapon, collect points to buy more weapons or upgrade the existing ones.
You will deffinately enjoy Garden Inventor - a real relaxing online game with great graphics and nice music.

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Aliens have landed on the farmers' fields and they eat the farmers' brains! Place the circles strategically as the aliends do follow them (think ahead how to trap them) while proceeding to the barn. Place the weapons to kill them along the way.
Crop Circles is a combination of the stategical and shooter flash game, a real nice online game to play that will keep you hooked on for awhile.

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Magic Pen is a combination of the strategy game and a drawing online game. The objective of the game is to get the red ball moving so that it catches the red flag. Draw some objects, erase something, and use other objects to help you reach the goal.
You can restartthe level from the menu option.
Use the mouse to play the game.