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Play Super crazy guitar maniac deluxe 4 online flash game


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Play online game Super crazy guitar maniac deluxe 4 and test your music abilities on stickman with a guitar hero.
As the music plays, commands will appear. Press the right key when each command hits the bar to get points. Hitting several commands in a row will up your multiplier, but mistakes will make it drop. For hold commands, keep the key pressed to fill the bar. Do well in a song and you’ll get a star. Stars mean star points and star points mean new songs. Getting a star in pro mode will also give you the star in amateur, meaning double points. If you want to perfect a song you’ll have to hit every key, fill every hold and not hit any keys at the wrong time. Complete specific tasks to unlock achievements in the tree. Each row gives a great reward. And if you really want to look the part, hold your keyboard like a guitar.