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The tower of dicedom has been a symbol of oppression for ends. Within this menacing structure are your friends, held captive by the evil big D. Your objective in flash game Super D is simple, climb the tower, rescue your friends, eliminate big D's hench dice, collect the faces of power and ultimately kill big D at the top.
Look out for the colored keys that are required to unlock doors to different sections of the tower - you'll need them. Power-ups in flash game will help you on your quest. Click them to activate or press their hotkey (0-9).
Collect all the face, and add them to your dice. If you have all the faces you get a large bonus in the end. Collect letters that spell the words "you win" in free flash game - you get bonus points for each letter and a large bonus for both words.
Brave dice hero, the dreams and hopes of dicedom are with you.