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Welcome to Super Fireman free flash game. Your main objective is to put out or control a wild fire and rescue people by taking them to a safe area. To put fires you can use either a helicopter or a fire truck. To begin online game you will need to load the helicopter with water. Click the helicopter (or use hotkey 1) and then click the water to fill it. When the helicopter is full of water, move it to the fire affected area by clicking the fire.
Your next step in flash game is to save people and move them to safe place. Click the hospital to transfer the person to the hospital. When helicopter's fuel begins to run out, you will need to refuel it by clicking on the helipad.
In this flash game you can also use the fire truck to put out fire. Click on the fire truck to select it or press hotkey 2. If the firetruck does not have any water, you must take it to a fire hydrant to fill it up. You can use both the fire truck and helicopter to put out fires at the same time. Consider carefully what order you do things in, so that you are not wasting time and your vehicles are ready to put out fires and help people.
While fighting fires in flash game, you can select people individually or in groups and get them moving towards a safe location.
As you progress through the game, you can buy upgrades from the shop and use different strategies to save lives and property.