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Swords and sandals 4 flash game starts in a tavern, with some familiar faces from Swords and Sandals. From this screen, you can view the help guide and credits, play any mini-games you have unlocked or begin a new tavern quest. Once you decide to begin a new quest, you will be asked to select how many gladiators will be taking part. You can select 2, 3 or 4 gladiators to join the quest – more gladiators means more fighting more gold and more experience, but also longer adventures.
You can also select Human or Computer controlled gladiators – if you have a few friends over, try a “hotseat” multiplayer game. Human opponents are always more fun, unpredictable and interesting than computer controlled opponents. After have selected how many opponents, you can load a previously saved gladiator, use a randomly generated gladiator or create a new one from scratch. Only gladiators you create yourself can be saved.