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Play Symphonic Tower Defense online flash game


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Play free online game Symphonic Tower Defense where each song uses different amounts of each music aspect (Bass, Melody, etc.). Each tower will get stronger when its corresponding aspect is playing. The analyzer gives you a heads-up as to what towers will be most effective for each song. (Put your mouse on a tower) in this flash game online.
The Melody Tower of online game:
- Weak primary shot;
- Does twice the damage when the melody is playing;
- Has a “Bite” Special attack;
- Fastest special charge in the game;
- This is the cheapest tower.
The Boom Tower in flash game:
- Primary shot can hit multiple targets;
- Does a “Slam” Attack when a Bass Kick occurs;
- Special Attack is a Blade Attack.
The Synth Tower:
- Grabs onto nearby enemies and drains health at a rapid rate;
- Upgraded versions can grab more than one enemy at a time;
- When a string or techno influence is playing, a Super Drain occurs;
- Special Attack causes all enemies to spawn with 50 % health for some time.
The Blast Tower:
- Shoots a powerful homing rocket;
- Rockets shot when a Clap, Snare, or Cymbal occur will have blast damage;
- Has extremely long range compared to other towers;
- Special Attack prevents any lives from being lost for a short period of time.
The Zap Tower:
- Hits a primary target with extreme damage and skips to other enemies;
- Miscellaneous and unique elements to each song trigger a “Spark” attack;
- Has a long cooldown time;
- Special Attack electrifies the entire playing field.
Download flash game with Sforzando bomb – think of this as a cheap manual attack. Sforzando (in music) is a short sudden burst of a note. So in this game it’s a bomb that “bursts” to hurt enemies nearby. Shortcut key is “Spacebar”.