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Play Tak: The Great Juju Challenge online flash game


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Great Juju Challenge is held to crown the champion of the four tribes. This is the most prestigious event of all and everybody wants to be the part of it.
This year, the tribe chieftain has picked you as the tribe's hero. He is confident that you will win the cup and that your prowess will shine on your fellow tribesmen. Get ready for the ride of your tribal life in Tak: The Great Juju Challenge online racing game.
First choose your tribe in such flash games. Four different tribes compete in the Great Juju Challenge. Each tribe has a racing rig with its own attributes that set it apart from the competition: the Grammazons Tribe, the Pupunanu Tribe, The Black Mist Tribe, The Jibba Jabba Tribe.
Completing a Race: beat the other tribes by being the first to complete a certain number of laps specific to each race (3 and up). Position: never finish a race in the last position or your tribe will be eliminated.
All the competitors can cast magic spells. Use the following keys to cast different spells:
1. drop mud puddles to slow down any pursuing opponents.
2. transform the vehicle of any adjacent opponent into an abysmally slow slug.
3. when close to an opponent, use this spell to steal their feathers.
Each spell in racing flash game costs different amount of Juju points. Juju points can be acquired by picking up Juju potion. They replenish slowly over time.
Feathers are the currency of the world of Tak. You can get Feathers by picking them up as you race or by finishing the race in good standing. Feathers are used to buy upgrades for your vehicle between races. Use jumps to fly in the air, to avoid obstacles and land safely beyond them. Speed boost increases dramatically the speed of the vehicle for a short time.
In online games you can upgrade the following attributes: max speed - allows your vehicle to achieve greater speed. Handling - allows your vehicle to take sharper turns without skidding. Acceleration - allows your vehicle to accelerate faster and reach its top speed in a shorter amount of time.