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After choosing your allegiance in free flash game Black Sails, you have to embark on conquering a new world in a new age. You must capture all the towns on the map to win. You can navigate around to different towns and on the open seas. You will be challenged by nations and other savages. If you accept, you will enter battle mode. You can engage towns to try to capture them, But they are heavily guarded and you are advised to build up crew and guns. Or you can simply go into a town for trade.

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Once upon a time somewhere near Mexican border...It all started when crowds of zombies and vampires crossed the Mexican border instead of immigrants. They are everywhere in the town and we've got a new mayor.
Tequila Zombies 2 free online game is a zombie beat'em up game that gives a new meaning to tequila shots! Play as a Miguel or Jacqueline characters while fighting hordes of zombies and nasty creatures. You can change your weapons while picking up new from the dead zombies. Use WAD / Left, Up, Right Arrow Keys to move. Mouse - Hit/ Shoot. S / Down Arrow Key – Pickup items.

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Try yourself as a fighter in Pencak Silat - a traditional Indonesion martial art style.
Knock out the opponent to pass the round in the given time. Buy provision for the money earned.
Polish your skills to knock out the opponent in the shortest time possible to get higher scores.
Enjoy Pencak Silat- a real fun online game!

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Police Bike is an online game where you are an unusual policeman - you need to clear out streets by driving over the obstacles - be it a cat, a homeless person, or a protestant. The more "obstacles" you remove by driving over, the higher you score. Although, watch out for the traffic - cars can hit you. Use the club by clicking the mouse.

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In Kamikadze Pigs free flash game you have to kill all pigs you see around. While exploding their planes you should collect stars. The more stars you collect the better result you receive. At the end of each level you have the ability to upgrade your weapons or buy new one.

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Cognize the way of real warrior – assassin. Hide yourself and be reserved. In case of disclosure you can use your sharp blade which is always in your disposal.


Play free online game Achilles 2-Origin of a Legend and feel yourself as a mighty ancient warrior who doesn’t know fear. Alone, he is ready to resist the whole army of enemies using skillfully his sword and shield.

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Get behind the wheel of your taxi monster truck and see if you can get your clients to their homes in time. The terrain is rough, obstacles are scattered all over the place, so you need to drive carefuly. However, speed is also important. So step on it taxi driver and put that monster taxi truck in motion.
Arrow Keys - Drive. Spacebar - Drop the customer.

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The object of the Flash Fighter online game is very simple - to beat up the bad guy :)
You can play versus the computer, or you can play the game with your friends. Choose your guy, and good luck!

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Nice bike racing game Happy Bike. Relax, drive your bike and be happy!

Up / Down Arrow Keys - Forward / Backward. Left / Right Arrow Keys - Balance. Enter / Spacebar - Change Direction.

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Something terrible has happened during those 13 days after the catastrophe. Thousands of people turned to zombies and try to make all of the survivors to be the same. Play flash game 13 Days After and try to survive shooting crowds of zombies. Be very accurate – only the shot in the head will cause serious damages. And don’t forget to reload and avoid the infection.

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In Punisher online game your main task is to defeat great number of mean ninjas, husky guys and mad samurai using painful hold. Don’t forget to collect gold and replace your life line. The main character is strong but not immortal.

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Feel like a superhero - clear out the streets from the bad guys. Beat them up and collect the coins each time you get somebody down.
To play River City Ransom Beta online game use the arrow keys to move and "A", "S", "D" keys to fight.

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Manage the whole way of the hero in the desert. Fight against uncountable underworld creatures. Use various combinations, perfect your outfit and get your victory.