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Play flash game Cactus McCoy 2 to save Ella and claim the treasure of Calavera.
Use such controls:
- movement: arrows – left, right; A-jump, hold A-jump higher; hold arrow down to dunk; hold arrow down and A to drop through platforms. Jump to ladders and ropes to grab them. Hold arrow down to drop down through ladders and ropes.

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Manage the whole way of the hero in the desert. Fight against uncountable underworld creatures. Use various combinations, perfect your outfit and get your victory.

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You are now a zombie. Betrayed by the king, your quest is to avenge your death and the death of your men. You are to clear out every location containing the demonic corruption that plagues the land. As a zombie, you now have a different set of skills to work with in your quest for vengeance. Be sure to always check out the skills and inventory section before you go to battle.

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Choose your pop icons pair and smash the enemies on your way.
Use the arrow keys to move, learn some letter key combos before the game.
"S" - punch, "A" - kick, "A"+"S" - get something special.
Enjoy this retro-graphics online game!

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Try yourself as a fighter in Pencak Silat - a traditional Indonesion martial art style.
Knock out the opponent to pass the round in the given time. Buy provision for the money earned.
Polish your skills to knock out the opponent in the shortest time possible to get higher scores.
Enjoy Pencak Silat- a real fun online game!

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After discovering some kind of Alien spacecraft had crash landed into your research base then being confronted by a hostile creature, you did the only thing you could…you shot it, point blank in the head. There were no other survivors and the radio’s were smashed beyond repair, so you grabbed supplies, warm clothing and fueled up the snow-wolf ATV and headed north. There is a large Mining/Drilling station situated to the north and it is your last chance of survival and hopefully getting word of these creatures out to civilization.

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In Feudalism flash game you will start from viewing the screen of your city where several building are. In City Hall you can view your hero stats, ask for a quest, or declare war on town. You can buy and sell weapons and armor in Forge. Recruit and discharge your troops in Barracks. In Temple buy healing potions and scrolls. On the battle field screen you'll fight the glory and gold. Control your hero with WASD or arrow keys and attack with Space or Numpad 0 in free online game.

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Make your way through the crowds of robots to save your home planet in Robot Legions online game. Achievements: first encounter – defeat 15 enemies. Mechanic – buy an upgrade. Ease come – have at least 100000 money at one point of the game. Juggernaut – buy all armor upgrades. Heavy weapons – buy all damage upgrades. Magnetizer – buy all cash magnet upgrades. The last stand – complete a level after the 9th one without moving. Warmachine – defeat 250 enemies. Craftsman – buy at least one upgrade in every category. Ease go – spend 200000 money throughout the game.

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Once upon a time somewhere near Mexican border...It all started when crowds of zombies and vampires crossed the Mexican border instead of immigrants. They are everywhere in the town and we've got a new mayor.
Tequila Zombies 2 free online game is a zombie beat'em up game that gives a new meaning to tequila shots! Play as a Miguel or Jacqueline characters while fighting hordes of zombies and nasty creatures. You can change your weapons while picking up new from the dead zombies. Use WAD / Left, Up, Right Arrow Keys to move. Mouse - Hit/ Shoot. S / Down Arrow Key – Pickup items.

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In Armed Prophet flash game you play for the mad man, who is lacking blood. He has heard some news in a bar about zombies that have attacked the city. And he decides to kill them all and save the planet. Choose some of your weapon carefully depending on what level you select. And don’t let those beastly creatures tear you in pieces.
A – attack, S – jump, A hold – Spin Attack. You must charge death meter up to the first line. Beat up enemies to charge. Arrows – run, D – ultra mega death attack. Must fully charge death meter. P – pause, Q – quality.

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In a small coastal village a young orc sits idly by the water fulfilling his daily fishing as the cool breeze and sweet smell of the sea air washes over him, such are the settings of flash game. “Now this is the life, this is peace, good friends, great family and nothing to do but fish, so good”.
A few moments later the orc notices something out the sea...”it looks like a boat, no it's a ship, no it's many ships and their headed this way. As the ship draws closer realization dawns on him. It's th black slavers ships, and he needs to warn the village, and get to the watch tower.

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Close…very close. I feel that we are near the surface. At last we climbed out… Good news. These foolish humans are waiting for us.
The horns and the hoofs are especially valued today in the castle. There is a hole in a basement that follows right in hell. Now demons coming out of there without ending crushing our valuable furniture and doing other darkest things. So will we stand and look at this dirt? No. You’re going to show the monsters who is the boss.
Play online game Cracked Horn and use such controls: a,d-to move, w-to jump, s-change weapon or arrows, ctrl-attack.

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In Metal Slug Zombie Revenge flash game you will need to shoot crowds of constantly attacking zombies. The ammunition is limited, so reload in proper time in order not to get into trouble. The skills of the character will grow with each killing which will help him to go to the next level where you will find and collect new weapons, and don’t forget that zombies get more enduring.

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Cognize the way of real warrior – assassin. Hide yourself and be reserved. In case of disclosure you can use your sharp blade which is always in your disposal.