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Your objective in Rich mine 2 only game is to cut the rope and get the purple gem to the gnome in each level. Cut the ropes to make the jewel reach Mr.Gnome’s open bag. Collect the coins by touching them with the jewel. Press “restart” or use “space” key to replay a level. Beware of enemies, they destroy the coins, jewel and make Mr.Gnome sad. Avoid obstacles like animals, spikes and use crates to your advantage. The arrow changes a movement direction. Play online game with numerous levels and have fun with such entertaining game genre.

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Trap the penguin or the duck inside the field, so that they can't escape - create the Trapr, as that's the only way to win. These guys are very smart, so think a few steps ahead or you'll need to start over. To play the game online you'll need the flashplayer up to date installed.

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The old house used to belong to your imaginary grandfather, but it has stood empty since his mysterious disappearance many years ago. Your online imaginary mom and you are now moving in to take care of the family estate.
Your grandfather was a famous explorer who traveled through the jungles of Latin America looking for lost temples and treasures. You are so sad that you never got to meet him.

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Your goal in Teelombies infection puzzle online game is to infect all the people and gain gold. Launch zombies into the humans, they will run and bite the surrounding people.

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Slash your way to the title of the strongest fighters in history!

Samurais Vs Ninjas is a slice free flash game in which you fight the ninjas to make the world acknowledge the samurais as the strongest fighters!
Use the objects to kill the ninjas but be careful to not kill your fellow friends with a topknot!

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A dangerous forest stands between Snail Bob and his grandpa's birthday party. You want to congratulate your grandpa in Snail Bob 2 and you will do all your best to reach him.
Use various tools to guide bob through each level of his journey. You can click Bob to stop him in order to interact with some objects first. You can control Bob's speed by pressing *1 or *2 buttons.
In some levels of free online puzzle game other insects such as ants will help you, you just need to direct them right.

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It's time to pick up the apples in your Apple Orchard. All you need to do is to put wood sticks and the bouncer in the right places, then press the cloud to get some wind that will blow the apples off. There are 25 levels of the online game - that's a good indication that you won't be bored. Play Apple Orchard for free at


The old witch scattered parts of another doll in Bewitched Doll free online game, near the House. Find parts of a doll and connect them in this nice hidden object game. If we don't find and collect parts of a doll in a single one, there will be an irreparable misfortune. You should solve this uneasy puzzle.

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Connect the dots from 1 to the last one in Scribble! online game. Do it as fast as you can - the game is timed. Play this game for free at

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In Clockwork maze free online game little balls are stuck in a strange maze. Help them to get out!

Use mouse to rotate levels of the maze (each of them is a giant gear). Get balls to the exit safe and intact to complete level. Solve puzzles using gravity and centrifugal force at 25 levels.

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Your task in Peter the penguin puzzle online game is to help Peter the Penguin stop the global warming. Oh my God. The global warming is speeding up like a pocket, so help Peter the penguin to stop it. Use your point and click skills to lead peter on his journey through the Antarctica and save the mankind – it’s in your hands. Grab different items you see and try to make use of them. Think wisely and apply the items carefully. In case you got into trouble, don’t worry, you can always restart the level. First level will challenge you a lot, so you won’t have time to rest. Beware of dangers.

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New Year is almost here! Althougth, the gifts are not delivered yet. That's why you'll need to turn into a Gifts Pusher^ push the gift to its designated area with the mouse. There are other handy things as you play along. Also, there will be some obstacles. Use the mouse or other objects to get to the goal. Like the game? Play it online for free.

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Dropple is a great arcade game where you need to bounce through the 50 levels, each of them has new challenging tasks. Time will fly with this online absorber game :)

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Sunshine Beach is a great memory flash game, which will test your skills and your brain. Flip the memory cards and try to find the same pictures as soon as possible.