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Remove certain bulbs or turn them blue to make the yellow bulb touch the transparent bulbs. Can you light up all 30 levels?

Use your mouse to play.

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The task of Zodiac Match online game is easy: swap adjacent symbols to match sets of 3 or more. Matches can be created by color or by design. Constellations may have their own unique rules of play. Make sure to check the rulebook in the lower right corner.
Match 4 Symbols to create a Sun Beat. Sun beats clear a 3*3 area. T and L-shaped matches create a Light Cross. Light crosses clear symbols in the shape of a cross. Match 5 symbols to create a Purifier. Purifiers clear all symbols of the same sign or color.

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The old house used to belong to your imaginary grandfather, but it has stood empty since his mysterious disappearance many years ago. Your online imaginary mom and you are now moving in to take care of the family estate.
Your grandfather was a famous explorer who traveled through the jungles of Latin America looking for lost temples and treasures. You are so sad that you never got to meet him.

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Lead the knight through the puzzles of Domino Knight online puzzle game. Control him with the arrow keys. Collect three coins scattered throughout the level. These coins will not collide with anything.
When you've got all three coins, move onto the hourglass to advance to the next level. You can't move through walls. You will zip across ice until you hit something or until there is no more ice.
The wooden blocks can be pushed around, so long as there is room. Don't fall in the holes. But when you push a block into a hole, they annihilate each other, and then you can move across safely.

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Test your logic skills in a series of tasks. Choose an appropriate shape of the figure so that it fits to the one on the bottom. once you clear the level, you advance to the next one. Play quickly and careful as there's timer. Full concentrationis required to play this game online.

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It's time to pick up the apples in your Apple Orchard. All you need to do is to put wood sticks and the bouncer in the right places, then press the cloud to get some wind that will blow the apples off. There are 25 levels of the online game - that's a good indication that you won't be bored. Play Apple Orchard for free at

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Play online puzzle game Bob Snail and help Bob to find a house. Use tools to guide him through each level of his journey. You can click Bob to stop him, sometimes you need to stop him in certain place in order to prevent his death. After you did everything correct and cleared his way, you can click Bob again and get him going again.
As you will notice Bob moves only forward, but there are special tools which can change the dirrection of his movements.


The old witch scattered parts of another doll in Bewitched Doll free online game, near the House. Find parts of a doll and connect them in this nice hidden object game. If we don't find and collect parts of a doll in a single one, there will be an irreparable misfortune. You should solve this uneasy puzzle.

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Smart Birds is a wonderfull free flash puzzle game. Help birds to unlock nesting boxes with magic lanterns. Place birds on screen so all the locks are highlighted with lanterns to complete level.
Use your mouse to place birds into correct positions. Some birds are injured and can not be moved.
There are two modes in online game: easy and hard. At easy mode you have unlimited time and can replay any level at any moment. At hard mode you have only one minute for every level and only one attempt to complete flash game.

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The objective of the Freefall online flash game is to clear out the field from the blocks. They disappear if two blocks of the same color are placed next to each other. The game is not timed, however the amount of moves you can make is limited. Once you make a mistake, you'll have to play from level one.
Use the mouse to select the block you want to move and to point the direction. The blocks cannot be placed upwards.

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You fish tank is almost out of water. Turn into a plumber while you play the Pipe game online. Manage to connect the pipes from teh tap to the tanke before the water runs, otherwise your fish will dye.
Controls: use the mouse only.

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Slash your way to the title of the strongest fighters in history!

Samurais Vs Ninjas is a slice free flash game in which you fight the ninjas to make the world acknowledge the samurais as the strongest fighters!
Use the objects to kill the ninjas but be careful to not kill your fellow friends with a topknot!

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Welcome to Saunavihta Vortex. What you need to do is to remove the white blocks, avoiding the monsters so that the little guy gets kicked to the sauna. Vortexes teleport you to a new place. Each level has something added. The difficulty poses that fact that we do not see the whole screen - only a part of it, so you'll need to react quickly.
Have fun - play the game online.

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Sport Zuma free online puzzle game is a new version of classical Zuma-game. But instead of old Egypt you will play on modern sport arenas with different sport balls. Destroy sport balls by forming groups of 3 or more balls of the same kind of sport (for example 3 or more football balls).
Click the mouse to shoot the balls, press the space bar to swap the ball to be shot.