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In Super Type online game your main task is to practice typing very fast. It is a good idea for those who want to learn to type, but are bored just sitting and retyping texts. This flash game you automatically train and check you abilities of typing. You will be given different words and you will need to type them as fast as possible. The time is limited, so you better not lose it. When you doo your task fast and without mistakes, you will be able to perform combos that increase the time you have left. After each try you will see you score, and be ready to improve it if needed.

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Collect the letter tiles by clicking and dragging and create as many words as you can before the time runs out. Words must be 3 and 8 letters long. You have only three minutes to play one level of Word Maker online word game. Don't waste time. The more words you create the higher score you get. It is a good opportunity to check your knowledge and attentiveness. If you see blue tiles, it is better to make up words using them, it will bring you more scores.

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Play free online game Wheel to Spin and guess the hidden worlds. Turn the wheel and receive your scores for each guessed letter. Your aim is to guess whole word combination.

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Quick Words is online game with the object to form words from the provided letters. Make at least one word that uses all 6 letters to qualify for the next round. Find all words to get bonus points.
Click on the letter balls or press letter keys (A-Z) to make words and click Enter button or press enter key to send word.
When you get stuck click Rotate button or press Spacebar to rotate letters and see other possible combinations. Click clean button or press Delete to clear formed letters. Click Last Word button or press enter key to see or use last entered word in online game.

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Have some fun reading sometimes absolutely meaningless but entertaining sentences. Just press "genarate" to get a new sentence.

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Dragon University online game is a remake to old famous classical game about the frog which passes freeway. But now you will play for a small dragon which needs to learn the correct spelling of the words. He will need to jump on leaves across the river. In case he jump on a wrong word he will drown.

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In free online game Woody's Letter Ranch you will need to name words by observing the picture from the right, and find necessary letters in the Woody's round ranch.

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The detective has taken a great interest in a word game. Play free flash game Wordspector and help him create world with given letters. In case you don’t know what to do use the hints, but remember they are limited and they reduce your score.

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The letters are flying on balloons in Wordy Up free online game. You will need to create words out of those letters. With each level the words get longer, but also there are more letters to use.

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In Word Chaos free flash game you have limited time and letters to make words. You will need to make as many words as you can. With each correct word you get a time bonus. Check your vocabulary and skills.


Hangmalia - The Animal Guessing flash game is not a simple world game. Here you will need to look carefully on the picture first and guess the animal. The picture is performed in bad quality, so you need to do your best in order to solve the puzzle. You will need to manage the task before the candle melts. Whenever you press the wrong letter it will melt.

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Your objective in Word freak flash game is to find all the words in the word list before your time runs out. The number of words you must find increases by one for every level. How far can you get before you brain explodes? First level gives you only one word to find and 20 seconds. Next level has two words and 30 seconds, and that is how the game increases the difficulty. In case you didn’t find the word and the time is gone, you will automatically move to the next level, but with very short time to search for words from the list which is one word longer than it was in previous level.

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Word Search 50 free flash game is an easy entertainment. You will need to search for words in the table, which are written on the right side. The words can be located down, across and diagonal. There are 50 levels which will get harder and harder.

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Have you recognized this famous game? Yes, this is Who Will Be A Millionaire online game, where you need to answer the questions in order to win big money. In case you think the questions are hard, you can take money and leave. But if you are a know-all – try yourself I nthis entertaining game.