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Beautiful gift board online game is a classical Majhong styled kind of game. You will need to combine different pictures with pictures alike. You can match only those that are open at least from one side, and if they are located close enough to draw a line from one to another. After you click on one, it will illuminate, find the same and click again, both of those cards will disappear; therefore open the access t new cards. The time is limited, so you better do your job fast, and in case you do, you will make combos which will gain you some time.

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In Farm Connect 4 free flash game instead of usual cards you will see fruits and vegetables, still the rules left the same. You will need to match all neighbor pictures. You will have limited time and with each level the time will run faster.

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Play online board game Deal or No Deal and after picking your case, select six of the remaining 25 cases to reveal, one at a time. You will get a phone call from The Banker, who makes an offer to buy the contestant's case for a certain amount, based on the cash amounts still in play. If you accept the buyout, the game then ends, and the contents of the case are revealed (along with the whereabouts of the top remaining prizes). Should you refuse the offer, you then must choose five of the remaining cases to eliminate from consideration.

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Check your skills playing this unusual symbiosis of patience and golf game. You are advised to play on different fields. The spread of cards will also be the most diverse. The supporting game modes will display you more options and make your gameplay interesting.

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Maganic wars is a role cards turn based free flash game game. You have 5 cards each turn and you can decide one by clicking on it (to see it better) then you click on the execute button to play your turn. These are the modifiers and rules of the game, of course there are much more features to discover.
- Attack: adds damage points to your strike;
- Shield/Defense: subtracts damage points to the opp strike;
- Counter Strike: damage done in response to a direct attack;
- Paralysis: next card invalidated;
- Poison: damages you each turn;

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If you think this is usual checkers, you are wrong. In Flash Checkers 3 online game you can’t go backwards and the king can hit only forward. Also when you choose the draught to take your turn, you will not be able to change it.

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In You Complete Me free flash game you will need to assemble the picture full of love. The sides of the pieces are cut uneven. The pieces are placed and turned arbitrarily. Moreover the borders of the picture are not understandable. So you will need to try your best to manage the task.

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MotoPuzz free online game is a unique chance to assemble the pictures of the most famous motorbikes. You will need to move lines and columns. Not always you can find better bike.

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Noughts and Crosses online game has interesting content. The game has two modes plus one unusual mode. The design is mysterious with cunning cat in the corner.

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Xo wars free online game is a famous tic-tac-toe genre with two modes: easy and hard. Play against the computer and get the high score.

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In Domino Frenzy free online game you will need to arrange all given domino pieces between two locations: start and finish. Then push the first one and the level will be completed if every single one piece falls.

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Mah-jomino free online game is a combination of famous Mahjong style and Domino game. Have fun while thinking over the appropriate move.

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In Sliding Cubes online game you will need to fill the given space with blocks available. You can’t turn blocks, some of them will not even move. Each level will get harder and harder. The faster you manage the task the higher score you get.

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The objective of Big Time Butter Baron free online game is to fulfill the day’s quota by placing the butterblock shapes on the board, in such a way that it cover over 50 % of it.
The shapes can be moved and placed on the board with the mouse. They can also be rotated with left and right arrow keys.
Bonuses will be awarded for lines of the board completed, with simultaneous multiple lines yielding even move points.