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Mastering the guitar is all about timing and dexterity, first of all check out the fret board which you can see to the left. As the notes move down the fret board, get ready to push the appropriate key when the note is exactly over the target in the picking area.
The better your timing the more points you’ll score in Guitar Geek free flash game. If you can keep hitting the notes accurately then your combo counter will increase, multiplying the bonus you get for each note.

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You have to arrange the music pieces to match the original melody in Musaic box online game for free. Click on the player to hear a sample of the song. You can start from any bar. Click anywhere else to stop playback. Click and Drag to move the pieces. Click on the piece to play its sound. You can play the music piece from any point.


Play online game Super crazy guitar maniac deluxe 4 and test your music abilities on stickman with a guitar hero.

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Play free online game Symphonic Tower Defense where each song uses different amounts of each music aspect (Bass, Melody, etc.). Each tower will get stronger when its corresponding aspect is playing. The analyzer gives you a heads-up as to what towers will be most effective for each song. (Put your mouse on a tower) in this flash game online.
The Melody Tower of online game:
- Weak primary shot;
- Does twice the damage when the melody is playing;
- Has a “Bite” Special attack;
- Fastest special charge in the game;
- This is the cheapest tower.
The Boom Tower in flash game:

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Perform different stunts while chaining jumps to earn huge point multipliers in Vector Stunt free flash game. Jumping on the rail does not count as a stunt unless you chain it from a ramp jump. If you bounce on the rail more than once you will lose your multiplayer.
Steer with arrows. Press key combinations when you hit a jump to do a stunt: left arrow – roll left, right arrow – roll right, up arrow - front-flip, down arrow – back-flip, left + up = left spin, right + up = right spin.

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In Battle of the Bands free online game you have to use the ASD JKL keys to hit the notes in tune to the music. If you let the crowd atmosphere fall too low you will be sent off stage. The more notes you hit in a row the more points you will earn.
In flash game you will need to build your band in several stages. First select a bass guitarist for your band form available players. Then choose the mode: easy, medium and super hard. After all select a track for the list in online music game. The harder the track the more tricky it gets and the more points you win.

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In Global Groovin music flash game you are going to mix music using sounds from around the world. You have the chance to click on instruments to learn more about them: gong, bagpipe, maracas, bouzouki, xylophone. Choose also the world beats: middle eastern, African, Chinese, Brazilian. Sounds: tin can, elephant, train, water.
To mix cool tunes use sounds from around the world:
- click on one of the colored buttons of sample sounds under instruments, world beats or sounds;
- to add the sound to your tune, drag it to one of the three tracks below;

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Move one match to make expression true. The game is beautifully decorated in minimalist design. Also, you will appreciate the high-quality music. All levels can be solve with only one move. Grab the match using left mouse button and drag it to the correct position. Matches can be rotate with pressing spacebar.

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Play online game Music Bounce and enjoy nice tunes produced by you. Click on a number gate to release a ball from that gate. The number on the gate shows the boat on which the ball leaves the gate.
Each level of flash music game has a maximum amount of gates what can be opened, indicated by "max gates".
A ball must hit a block once in order for it to be clear (twice to dark-colored blocks). When a block is hit, a loading bar appears where it was. Once 8 beats have passed, the block will reappear.

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Punkomatic online game is a real entertainment for devotees of such kind of music. Compose cool music and share it with your friends with the external save/load capability. Load the demo and enjoy it. Try the Random music generator, check the credits, vote and review.
You need a good computer to run and appreciate such online games. If you are experienceing delays with the dynamic sound system and/or the animations, try changing the quality and/or remove the spot lights in the options. If you hate punk music, go away now.

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If you love and miss Guitar Hero, you will love Rockstar dreamer flash game. Here you will be a rockstar! But just sitting only in your bedroom, still a rockstar no matter what. Prove your amazing music skills and get a high score! There are two ways to play. In normal mode, use the ASDKL KEYS to play. In rockstar mode, use the 1-5 KEYS to play. It might be much easier to use the number keys, so try it out, and decide whether you can be a real rock star. Enjoy the game.


This is the second part of well-known guitar simulator. In case you like the first part you will adore free flash game Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2. There are new tunes and melodies to play.

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It is almost late and the owner plans to pull down the shutter of the music shop. A young lad enters the shop for a purchase at this juncture. The owner allows him without any regret, but after some while unaware of lad’s presence he closes the shop and moves ahead. Now help the boy find his way out in Music Shop Escape flash game. Click on the musical instruments, play melodies and try to find hints, which will help you to escape.

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In case you are dreaming to be a disc jockey DNB-X005 Drum Machine flash game is created for you. The device doesn’t seem very nice and modern, but with the help of it you can change the track out of all recognition.