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How fast can this guy run? Oh, human possibilities are endless, although there are obstacles on the way? So watch out and jump over. Don't lose the speed - be the fastest.
Play Orange Runner game online.

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As a new recruit to the Galactic Nations Task force, Captain Flash has no time to settle in before all hell breaks loose as an alien attack comes out of nowhere.
Play online arcade game Galactic Flash and blast your way across the galaxy to defend earth from an alien invasion!
Master your weapons and prove yourself in battle to receive upgrades and bonuses as you blast through more and more hostile aliens.

Controls: 'a' and 'd' or arrow keys to move; 'z' or '/' to fire; left or right 'shift' to fire bombs! '1' and '2' cycle weapons and bombs.

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The Transporter is a simple and short flash game for free! Transport the goods from a truck to the magazine before you get fired.

How much money can you make?! But Be Careful! Men Working Overhead!

An avoider game with some original twists! The story is set on a construction site! You must make money while being careful of the falling objects!

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Use the arrow keys to manoeuvre Eddie's ship in flash game Iron Maiden The Final Frontier. Collect weapons to help defeat the pirates. Press space to fire your weapons and 1-4 to cycle through your available weapons. Collect the cargo using the grappling hook on Eddie's ship which will deploy automatically when in range of cargo.

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It does indeed require some good skills to make the stack. Stack the platforms one onto another exactly as they are. If you miss, the platform becomes shorter. The more mistakes - the shorter the platforms. The objective of the Skill Stack online flash game is to make the stack as tall as possible.
How far can you go?

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There is probably very few people who neved played the Wolf and Eggs game. Welcome an online version of the classic catcher game with some upgrades, as you can drop up to 10 eggs.
Use the mouse or A, Z, K, M keys to catch the eggs into the basket!

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Trying to do some carjacking? It requires more than just excellent driving skills. You need to be really smart for it, too. Test you brain capabilities in online game - move all the vehicles around so that the red one can freely exit.
There are 100 difficulty levels, so you can play for awhile. It is indeed a catchy game for the right player.

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A little chick decided to explore the rolling hills and fell off the nest. It's obvious that he is very fragile and won't last for long if even a usual jump causes him so much pain. The longer you hold on and the more you help the little chick, the better.
Use the arrow keys to roll left and right. Perform stunts to get more points and get new costumes. Play the Rolling Hills online game for free at

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Go back to your childhood and remember how to conect dots. Although, Scribble 2!flash game is not that easy. You really need to be skillful to keep the hand steady and precise, the game is timed. Keep the mouse button pressed at all times or you'll need to start over from the first dot again.

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Build the Ghost House for the little witch. You can arrange and rearrange - be a real designer for a little bit.
Use the mouse to play the online free game.
Have fun!

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Feel the momentum and develop the speed in order to collect all the coins and bonuses! Use the arrow keys to play wOne2 game online.

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Help Mario to catch eggs in the farm. Do not let them fall on the ground and break. Use the arrow keys to play the game online. Run left and right to catch as many eggs as you can in order to get tht highest score.

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Shopping cart is a universal extreme gear. In this game you will need to use the cart to sit in it and drive down the hills and the springboard. You need to fly as higher and as longer as you can. You each jump you will get money. You can use it in the shop to improve your cart and to learn new tricks. Don’t be scared when your head breaks after the ordinary fall.

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The object of this game is to get the ball to the red square. Swing it within the box and when you think you got the momentum, launch it.
The gam eis quite challenging, doesn't get boring. Master a new precision quality with every level. Proceed to the next level once you've completed the level. You can try as many times as you need before you get it right. In case the level is too hard, press "skip" to move on to the next one.
Use the mouse to play.