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Smeshariki - are cute little round animals. Brosaika is an online game where you need to toss objects in a way that the other Smesharik gets is. Consider the strength of the toss and the wind. The player that first gets 1000 points, wins.

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Do you like Zuma? Then this game is for you. Use the mouse to shoot balls onto the string. Match three or more of the same color to pop them.
Think quickly, although be very careful - don't miss the goal. at the same time do not let the balls reach the exit.
You can play the Dolphin Pop and many other exciting online flash games for free at

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Burger Bustle is a type of an online game that anyone would enjoy.
You are a waitress in a fast food place with a choice of fries, soda, and burgers. Your task is to seat a customer, take an order, bring it real quick, and clean up teh table. The game is timed and there is an objective of how much you should earn in a time limit you are given.

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There is a little guy that lives in the ocean. Experience the eat or be eaten concept in the Feeding Frenzy online game. You can only eat those fish that are smaller that you. Avoid bigger fish. See which fish is safe to eat at the top of the screen. The more you eat, the bigger you get, thus, your choice of fish to eat expands. A really good choice to get entertainment with a nice arcade game.
You will need to use the mouse to play the game.

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As a new recruit to the Galactic Nations Task force, Captain Flash has no time to settle in before all hell breaks loose as an alien attack comes out of nowhere.
Play online arcade game Galactic Flash and blast your way across the galaxy to defend earth from an alien invasion!
Master your weapons and prove yourself in battle to receive upgrades and bonuses as you blast through more and more hostile aliens.

Controls: 'a' and 'd' or arrow keys to move; 'z' or '/' to fire; left or right 'shift' to fire bombs! '1' and '2' cycle weapons and bombs.

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Trying to do some carjacking? It requires more than just excellent driving skills. You need to be really smart for it, too. Test you brain capabilities in online game - move all the vehicles around so that the red one can freely exit.
There are 100 difficulty levels, so you can play for awhile. It is indeed a catchy game for the right player.

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Meet Pearl Busta The Octopus - he guards his home where no pearls are menst to be. Shoot the chain of three or more matching colored pearls to bust them. Get more points and speedups or slowdouns when you shoot those specially marked pearls. Play this one and many other free online games at

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Shopping cart is a universal extreme gear. In this game you will need to use the cart to sit in it and drive down the hills and the springboard. You need to fly as higher and as longer as you can. You each jump you will get money. You can use it in the shop to improve your cart and to learn new tricks. Don’t be scared when your head breaks after the ordinary fall.

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A little chick decided to explore the rolling hills and fell off the nest. It's obvious that he is very fragile and won't last for long if even a usual jump causes him so much pain. The longer you hold on and the more you help the little chick, the better.
Use the arrow keys to roll left and right. Perform stunts to get more points and get new costumes. Play the Rolling Hills online game for free at

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Blow over the pages of world history on the toilet in free flash game Rocket Toilet 2. On the build cannon you will need to launch heroes in the sky. You will start from the most ancient epoch and meet a lot of obstacles on your way. In order to accelerate you have only three washouts so use them clever. The longer you fly the bigger amount of money you get, and then you can use it in order to improve your tool and make time jump. The ground has springboards, and in air you can catch the star which will give you another three washouts.

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Customize your girl and see if you have the guts to win the big money. Learn the stunts along the way, upgrade the bike and your character's outfit. Gain experience, become more skillful as you practice to control your speed and power.
Play this game online!
Use the arrow keys to move, and the numbers to do stunts as you progress.

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A handsome Prince helping out a beautiful Princess to study? Maybe, it is possible, if she is a Magical Princess. Catch a moment when noone see the young lovers couple to smooch. Play the game online, enjoy, and have fun!

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The Transporter is a simple and short flash game for free! Transport the goods from a truck to the magazine before you get fired.

How much money can you make?! But Be Careful! Men Working Overhead!

An avoider game with some original twists! The story is set on a construction site! You must make money while being careful of the falling objects!

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See how far you can fly in the Konki Throw free flash game using different tools. You have a car, a plane, a rocket and the energy of restless astronaut in your disposal. Switch them over in time, keep your balance and use optimal speed in order not to fall, turn over or collide with some cloud or UFO.