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In Chief Eagle Solitaire online game your goal is to clear the cards by creating combinations of 2 cards that add up to 13. Aces count as 1, Jacks as 11 and Queens as 12. Kings count as 13 and can be removed on their own. All other cards are at their face value.
Temporarily place cards in the temp card store to increase your options.
Find and select pairs of cards that add up to 13 to remove them from the layout. You can move a single card to the temporary card area. This will give you many more pairing options. Kings can be removed on their own as they add up to 13 by themselves.

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To win online cassino game D-Evo, defeat the enemy until his HP equals zero or less. Use the mouse to click and drag the cards to a new position. The play screen consists of such areas: enemy cards, dino egg, battle arena, end turn, egg sack, your discard sack, dino card, cards left, life, your deck and your cards.

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Poker Listings online game is a classical poker with big stakes. Here you will meet only professionals of their task, so you will have to show your mastery as well. Check you luck and potential to win. Bet for cards and try to bluff in needed. You can even risk everything you have and see the reaction of your opponents, maybe they will fold, call you bet, in any case you will feel adrenaline flowing in your blood, as you might lose everything or win huge amount of money and be a millionaire.

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In Wild West Solitaire free online casino game you have to build the four soundations in suit from ace to king.
Cards in the tableau can be played on top of another in sequence down, but opposite suit color.
You can play online game with any card on an empty spot in the tableau. The faster you finish the level the more bonus points you get.

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You are now in your home town San Saba in online game. You want to become a Governor of Poker, you achieve this goal you need to start by winning every house in San Saba. Take them down city by city, town by town. When you have all of Texas, you will meet your final opponent in this online casino game.
When you are ready to try winning some money, click on “!” icon to start playing a tournament.

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Poker Machine free flash game is a simulation of the classic poker machines, except that you don't have to insert any coin in your computer:)
The goal of this highly addictive game is to make different combinations of cards, which will be rewarded. If you have never played a Poker game before and terms “Fill House” are unknown to you, don't give up.

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Somewhere on the Wild West there is an abandoned slot machine. You get here and you have not big amount of cash, but you need more. You have 1000 and you can increase the sum by spinning the wheel and getting prize lines. There are 7 types of winning lines which you can see when you enter the game. Also there are 3 bonus icons which can appear and make you win. You can select the number of coins to stake and the lines to get matched. Play online game Lucky Cowboy City and have fun and luck t win and become a real rich man.

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Holdem is a variation of poker in which players compose the best 5 card hand using the two down cards in their hand (hole cards) and the five shared community cards on the board. A player in Poker Daisy free casino game can use both hole cards, one, or none (play the board) to make their hand. The best of any five cards combination using player hole cards and the board cards determines the winner of the hand. A dealer button in online game is used to determine the winner of the hand. A dealer button is used to determine the betting order and the order in which the cards are dealt.

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Jurassic Poker is a classic videopoker online game with beautiful design. The goal of the player is to collect 5 cards which will make winning combination. In order to start playing you need to make bet and click “Deal” button. You will get 5 cards. After you check them out, you can hold some (or all) of them, and the rest will be changed in hope to get better cards combination. In order to hold a cards in free casino flash games, you need to click it with left mouse button. If you change your mind, click the card once again and it will be released.

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3 Card Poker online game is two games in one. The player may bet on either one, both, and in different amounts. Most players will play both equally.
Pairs Plus – this is a game of total luck. You do not play against the dealer, but against the odds. Get a pair or better and you win.

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In Exciting Poker free flash game players start with $100 to gamble. The online game is played one hand at a time. There are two phases in each hand.
Before the first phase can begin, the players must enter their bets using the Bet+ or Bet- buttons. After this, the player presses the Deal button to begin phase one of the hand.
In phase one, five cards appear, and the player must select which cards to hold (anywhere from none of the cards, to all five) by clicking on them. Once the held cards have been selected, the player must click Draw. This enters phase two.

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In Hot casino blackjack online game you need to score as close to 21 as you can in each of the 5 hands. The rules are the same as Blackjack. If you score above 103 points in a round you will get a bonus round. The game plays in a similar way to Blackjack. Use the mouse to place the cards. Blackjacks (an Ace and 10) and 5 Card Tricks give you additional points. If you cannot place a card, you can skip it. If you have a nowhere to place a card and have run out of skip cards, the round will end. The game is played over three rounds.

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Your goal in Stop the bus free flash game is to try not to get kicked off the bus. Draw a card from the deck or waste pile then discard one card. Try to get close to 31 of the same suit - Aces are worth 11 and Royals are 10. You can also make 3-of-a-kind to score 30 points. The lowest score loses a bus token. Lose them all and you’re off the bus. Start to turn, pick-up either the waste card or a new card from the deck. Remember, the aim is to score as close to 31 as you can with 3 cards of a single suit, or make 3-of-akind.

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To play Let It Ride online game you have to click on the chip amount you wish to bet. All three play circles will fill with chips. Press the Deal button to get cards. Determine if your hand is worth Keeping or Dropping one of your bets. The dealer will turn over one of the community cards and you have the option to keep or drop another bet. Winners are then decided based on the payout charts on the table.
Click on the table to begin a new hand.