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Speedplay soccer 2 is a simulator of real soccer free online game. It is not just hitting the goals, it is real running on the field with passes and sliding tackles.
Use mouse to move target cursor and a player. When player is off the ball press the mouse button to slide tackle / change player. When player has the ball use the mouse button to pass / shoot towards cursor target.
Choose your team among 16 available. Play online game Speedway soccer 2 and lead your team to victory in real dynamic sport game.

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A lot of people like to criticize goalkeepers for their actions, but try yourself with this task in Goalkeeper Premier free online game. You have the chance to stand in the goal of favorite club and protect the goal for your team. You are the last line of defence. Use your mouse and reflexes to help your favourite club to become best of 300+ English teams. Select your favourite club and defend your goal in 5-round cup. Keep your eyes on the ball and move gloves with mouse to block or even catch the ball. For every defence you get one glove on scoreboard. Catch the ball and get 2 gloves once.

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4x4 soccer online game is not a usual soccer sport game. Here, instead of human players you will play with the help of huge cars riding on the field. You can also choose the team you want to play for and start unusual game.
The game will check your driving skills combined with ability to play soccer, as the rules are the same – you need to score a goal into opponent’s goals.
So if you like cars and soccer, this will be the best game for you to play and spend unforgettable time.

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In World Cup - Penalty Shootout flash game your last kick can settle the resolution to the entire game. The game is in a draw and only you can change everything. Don’t miss the opportunity to be the team who wins World Cup.

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After you choose the team in Euro 2012 Free Kick flash game you will make 3 matches with teams in your group. First two teams will pass to the knockout stage. There will be elimination after group stage. If you lose in finals, tournament will be over for you.
Use your left mouse button to set the controls. Click on the direction, height, swerve and power buttons to make the perfect shot.
The gameplay will be harder and harder after each match. The controls will be faster, there will be more players at the wall, and you will face with tougher opponents at the later stages.

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Play online game Football Kicks where you will have a great opportunity to practice your penalty kicks. Press Space to set your direction. Press Space again to set your curve. Press Space again to set your power. Be sure to pay attention to the wind. You have 10 balls per match to beat the opponents score. Don’t miss your balls, try to score as many goals as possible. Be careful the wind might change the direction of a ball. Estimate all indicators and score your best goals.

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Play online game Football Champions and move your player with mouse. Once the ball is on the ground you cannot dribble and you have 5 seconds to shoot before its reset. Of course you can go for a header or a volley before it even touches the ground. You can stop it and let it fall on the ground before you kick, or you can try a volley. If you click when the ball is just above your player’s head he will try a header. Aim by clicking when the ball is in the right spot. Aim higher by clicking below player’s waist and the other way round.

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In Striker Run online game you will not defend your goals or make penalty shoots, here you will need to run towards the opponent’s goal. Jump over other players and don’t let them stop you. And when you reach the goal – shoot. Take on the entire opposing team in one goal. Watch out for dodgy tackles from the opposing players. Press down arrow – to hit high. Cursor down (or S) to Avoid (easy). Up arrow will hit you low. Cursor up (or W) to Avoid (careful). Left arrow will hit you straight. Cursor back (or A) to Avoid (tricky). When through on a goal shoot when the ticker is in the green area.

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Use the arrow keys to move the players in Tiny Soccer free online sport game. Click the mouse to tackle or kick the ball to where the cursor points. Your controls will move automatically to the player that most close to the ball.
Use your speed and accuracy to play soccer game. The game has not common set of players. You will have only three players in your team.
The characters are funny and performed in cartoon design.

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Play online game Penalty shootout 2012 and shoot to score. Use the mouse to control direction, height and speed while shooting. Time your click to block the shot while goalkeeping. Click gloves when the striker kicks. Choose the team among Groups A, B, C, D. Show your mastery in this football flash game. Be accurate not only with shots but also when keeping the ball. Don’t let the opponent team score more goals than you do.

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You are John Terry, King of Defenders. As the main threat at every corner kick, how many goals can you score in the tournament? Scoring headers is all about picking the space between defenders. As the ball comes in front the corner anticipate its flight. Then use your mouse to position the marker on the flight-path where you think you have the best chance of scoring. Make sure you avoid defenders with your shots.
You can aim your shots in free flash game, too. Keep holding the left mouse button after you've clicked and then drag away from the marker to aim.

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To score in Goal Wall Shooting soccer online game, shoot the ball into one of the three holes of the wall. The left and right holes score 500, the middle 250. To shoot, move the mouse over the ball. Click and hold the left mouse button. A red cross hair appears which you can drag around to set the point you will hit the ball. The red circle indicates the area you hit the ball at the previous shot.
The blue power bar indicates the strength of your shot. The red sign inside indicates the strength of the previous shot flash soccer game. Release the mouse button to shoot.

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Why do you need to wait till Euro Championship starts? You can begin the game right now by choosing your team and leading it to the victory. Use all your accuracy skills and react fast on things that happen on the soccer field. There are two stages: 1. Without ball: A – soft tackle, S – change players, D – hard tackle. 2. With ball: A – lob, S – pass, D – kick. Choose one team among 16. Select whether you want to play official rounds or new random group. Opt for one group among: A, B, C, D. Play free online game Euro 2012 GS Soccer and be the one who wins the championship.

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If you think players have forgotten how to play football, you can show your mastery in Free Kick Duel flash game. Choose the direction and the power of the kick. Beware your opponent might have bigger experience.