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In online flash game Long Vehicle Parking you will need to park not a simple car – this is a long powertruck. Your aim is not to catch the walls and nearby cars. The time is limited so do your task fast.

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In the garage you can tune each vehicle by changing its color scheme and a character.
You can switch to the advanced type of a vehicle when you win 12 cup points in the bike championships to receive the advanced bike)
Choose the championship cup in which you want to participate in Moto Rush flash game. Time-attack competitions are on the left. Racing Challenges are on the right.
Win races to gain cup points and unlock new championships. Your current cup points are displayed in your trophy.
Change your vehicle and choose your character in the garage of free flash game.

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This island is your new challenge ground in Moto Rush 2 free flash game. Several championships are held here. Each championship cup consists of several races. You need to achieve at least rank C in the race to move to the next race in the cup. Click a cup button then click a race button to begin the race. Win races to gain prize points and obtain the trophies: access to other championships, the advanced vehicles, the new characters and others. In the trophy room you can see whole list of the trophies.

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Heat Rush is a perfect online game for racing game lovers. You get to pilot an awesome sports car. race the other drivers, complete different tasks, and enjoy real speed (there are no cops, ahh!). 10 different tracks, lots of upgrades won't get you bored for sure.
Press the up arrow or W key to accelerate, left and right arrows or A and D keys to steer. Down arrow or S key to break. Press the space bar for turbo.

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Your goal in Neon Race 2 online racing game is to beat the level time to unlock the next level. Smash into the red vehicles and avoid hitting the blue vehicles. rivals and killers watch out. Smash rivals for big turbo boost bonus. Ram killers off the road or evade them using turbo. Use your turbo wisely - smash red vehicles and revals to build up your turbo meter. Engage turbo for super speed. Keep hitting red vehicle and rivals to extend turbo time. Earn extra cash to purchase cars and upgrades. Make all vehicles smashable for a limited time.

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The mad Doctor Vilainte has created a psychotropic radiator and declared himself dictator of the universe. As a threat, he demonstrated his radiators capabilities on our capital. Now, the entire city has gone insane. People are killing each other, the police have turned into a menace to society, and gangsters are on the mad scientists payroll. We are assigning you with a top-secret car to fight him. And you should suddenly go mad in flash game, this will only help your case. Only someone who is mad can stop another madman.

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In Risky Drive online racing game you can pick the car with your favorite color: white, red, green, metallic and blue. Drive the car without getting hit by the trucks and barrels. If it gets hit, the car gets damaged. Subsequent hits will lead to the game getting over. Reach the destination within the time limit. Use arrow keys to interact. Up arrow key to accelerate. Right and left arrow keys to steer the car. Press Spacebar to bring the game to pause. Press M to mute the sound.

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Play online racing game Drag Race Demon Deluxe where you will only need to drag the arrow to the right to accelerate. Try to start as quickly after the green light as possible. You get a bonus if you do this quickly enough.
If you accelerate too quickly your Dragster will rear up and flip over. This effect can be reduced by buying the Chassis upgrade in flash game.
If you buy the Parachute upgrade you will be given the option to deploy once you cross the finish line. Do this before you come to a stop for a bonus.

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Take daring jumps in Risky Rider free online racing game and reach the sky. Get your bike as high as possible, beat all the levels and become the ultimate extreme sports showman. You'll need to Fine tune your bike for each new challenge or you won't make it.
Use Up and Down to speed up and brake. Use Left and Right to rotate in flash games. You can do cool tricks pressing these keys while jumping:
whip - press the Space bar;
MCMetz - Press the Z key;
No hander - Press the X key;
Seat garb (one hander) - press the C key;
Side flip - Press the V key.

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Drive close to another car to pick up a draft and increase your speed in Grand Prix Go online racing game. Steer, accelerate and brake with WASD or arrow keys. Boost when available with X or N, and reset car with space. You've got 8 laps to help you learn the track. Beat the lap record to earn an achievement. A recording of your best lap so far, is played back to help improve your time.

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Want to try your skills in parking cars? Play free flash game Parking Lot 2 and perform the task fast – the time is limited. Remember you have 3 tries in order to park your vehicle.

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In License Quest free online race game you're learning to drive and have to appear to your License test. The tests keep getting tougher by the day, but what you get in the end is worth the trouble and more.
Use usual for flash racing games controls: up arrow - to accelerate, down arrow - to brake/reverse, left, right - to turn left and right, space - handbrake. Perform your task before time runs out.

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President Bush is growing increasingly frustrated as the length of time it is taking to win the war in Iraq. He has decided to take matters into his own hands and head to Iraq himself to try to end the conflict and silence the critics of the war.
Armed with a brand new monster truck manufactured in Crawford, Texas, help Bush crush the enemy and destroy all of the Saddam statues throughout the country.
Use left/right to drive backward and forward in Bush Hill Rampage free online racing game. Space: flip car (only works when car is upside down).

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In the army people are not transported in the buses. Put them into truck together with barrels and other boxes and transport from one location to another.
Wait while ragdolls or objects are loaded in the truck. See the table to know how many objects are left. Use keyboard to control the truck. You need to deliver 3 objects to complete the first level.