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Your goal in Papa Louies pancakeria cooking free flash game is to run the Pancakeria Store. Choose your character and make the best pancakes. Show your skills, earn tips, upgrades and more.
Take customers’ orders in the Order Station. Cook your pancake in the Grill Station. Stack pancakes and add topping in the Build Station. You will copy all orders into the list. You can drag tickets onto the ticket line to store and organize them as you like.

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Play online game Makeover designer and create unique style. Click the “Dress up” button to start the Dress up mode. Use the button to scroll through the items. To choose an item, click on it with your mouse and drag and drop it onto the girl, boy, or cat. Use buttons at the left top of the screen to change the skin color and the background. Click the “design Clothes” button to start the Design mode. You can also choose different colors, and patterns. Use the paint bucket to change the color or pattern of an item.

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Play Cake Shop free flash game and learn how to prepare and serve cakes. When your first client arrives you have to provide her with the result of her order. Take a piece of biscuit loaf first and apply jam. Then top it off with the chocolate loaf. When the cake is ready serve it to the client. And earn some cash and tips.
You also need to learn how to use a bin. Take some apple jam and chuck it in the bin. You have to serve all the remaining customers. And their orders will differ from each other, so you need to pay attention what they order not to waste time and materials.

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Sarah wants to kiss her boyfriend and do her own activities on her date in Date Slaking flash game. Help her to complete all of the activities within 4 minutes. But make sure not to get caught by the waiter. Don't slack in front of your boyfriend, too.
Use your mouse or keyboard to complete the activities. If the waiter or boyfriend comes to check on you, simply click the X to get back to date.

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Play online game Hottie Hot Dog where you will need to manage your cafe serving hot dogs. Each customer shows the hot dog he/she wants. In order to prepare it place a bun on the plate. Click the sausage to place in on the grill. After a while put in into the bun and add needed ingredients.
Don't waste too much time, or your client will be sad. Serve correct orders, in case you make something wrong, use the trash bin and start again.
It is your chance to feel yourself as a cafe server in free flash game.

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My new room 3 is very interesting free flash game. It is online game where you can design an apartment. You can select between two types of the game mode: challenges and free play. Challenges: complete daily challenges to unlock new items. Free play – let your imagination run wild.
There are a lot of items, characters, animals, furniture, and much more. So, now it’s not simple room design, but also fulfillment of different interesting tasks. You have the variety of things to do, so you won’t be bored, and can create the room of your dream.

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Play online game 100 Differences and manage 10 colorful levels. Each level has pictures with babies with 10 differences in it. Enjoy the game and train your attentiveness.

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In Kindergarten free game for girls you will play for Mila taking care of babies. You will start with one and if you do well your kindergarten will get more babies to handle. With the money earned, you will upgrade the interior and exterior. Eventually more parents will bring their babies. The kindergarten will start to grow.
Your main goal in flash game is to become the owner of the best and biggest Kindergarten in the city. In order to reach that you need to manage a lot of tasks and watch different children's indicators.

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The customer’s order appears above their head in Pizza bar online game. Find the recipe in the book and select right ingredients to make the pizza. Click Create to cook and serve the pizza. Keep track of your supplies. Use the phone to order more when you’re running low. At the first day you will need to earn $300. Don’t waste time, serve every client and don’t let them wait for long. In case you miss the order it will take you longer to earn daily wage.

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Your dream come true. You are now a proud owner of the newest, most delicious cookie and cake gourmet store in town, as to flash game Cookie Tycoon.
Your objective is obvious, make the tastiest desserts on the planet and sell them to anybody and everybody.
Hire and fire people, upgrade your store, train staff, make profit...or a loss. You have 60 days (turns) to make your fortune. Good luck.
Can you be the next Cookie Tycoon?!
In the pantry and kitchen area you click on the cookies you want to sell and then buy the ingredients needed to make them.

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Your goal in Keeper of the Grove online games for girls is to keep your crystals from being stolen. Build defenders along the road to stop the monsters. Click on the spot where you want to build and select the defender you want to build: sprout – best fire rate, strikes monsters from a long distance, aqua tower – slows a target unit, movement speed by 50%, stone – deals splash damage, not effective against rugues. Stone defender has the largest area of effect damage by each shot.

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Play online game for free Shakira Make-up and create your own style for your favorite singer. Use as many tools as possible to make your final result be the best make up ever for such a good and professional singer. You can change hairstyles, selecting one of 5 different hairstyles. Then ye hair in one of the 7 colors. Add some charm to Shakira's look with 6 different highlights. Choose of of 14 colors for eyes. Then apply mascara on and choose eye shadows. Use rouge, foundation and lipstick. See if you like some of the piercings available. Choose the perfect dress for your celebrity.

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Susie Strawbella is preparing a new batch of delicious soda. But the bubbles are all over the place. You have 60 seconds to help her to get the bubbles into the bottles so that the soda tastes just right. With each level the game gets more and more difficult as there are different tastes of soda added, as well as the bubbles.
Play the Soda Pop Girls Bubble Catch online game with just the mouse.

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After your last success at the Paris Fashion show, you were recommended by the top European designers to work in New York.
Pick the design studio you would like to work for in Fashion designer NY free online game for girls.
After you’ve chosen a studio, don’t spend too much time looking around because the director has a job for you. Put together three complete outfits for him: one casual, one dressy and one professional. If he likes them, he will include them in the fashion show next week.