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Use the mouse to aim and click to launch a squirrel to a nut, this is the main aim in Nutty mania free flash game. There are 42 levels to complete. Avoid spikes – don’t let the squirrel touch it. Shoot with max power to move the wooden block away. Shoot special stars and get your squirrel separate into many small squirrels collecting all possible nuts all around. You can break the ice blocks with squirrel or wood. There are also bounce blocks which will help you jump to the top of the platform.

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It was a sunny Friday afternoon, and the family was going on a weekend vacation. Rachy was looking forward to all the exciting plans she had for herself and her Bear. All of a sudden a Deer jumped into the road. The car swerved to avoid it. Teddy fell out the car window.
“What do you mean he jumped out?!” mum said, “He’ll turn up, I bet he’s just gone for a picnic.”
Now you need to use WASD key to move along the forest and meet new adventures on your way in Teddys Excellent Adventure free online kids game. You – as a teddy bear. Click objects to interact with them.

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Little animals need to go home. Drop parent animal on child. Collect stars to get extra score.
White bonuses affects on parent animal. Some bonuses can increase or decrease size of animal. Some change gravity or speed up animal.
Lions, monkeys, parrots, and elephants – all of them need your help. Play online game Little Animals Rescue and think over the best estimation of given conditions in order to lead all animals to their homes.

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Be quiet - School's in session! It's a great online game with the characters that you know for sure. There are puzzles, math quizzes, and other fun tasks. There is a twist to it - your answers are being graded, so do your best to score as high as you can!
Enjoy the School's in session free flash game!

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Farm Rush is a good flash game for your kids. It is colorful and will develop their thinking and attentiveness. The screen will have three moving lines. Each line has gaps which you need to fill in. The gaps are shadowy, and the items to fill are bright. So the aim is to compare shapes. In case you do the matching fast, you receive bonuses. The faster you do all matching, the higher score you receive at the end of the level. Each level will have more matches to perform. Memorize all shapes – that will help you later. The items are mainly – vegetables and berries.

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Play online game Hungry Rabbit and collect all the carrots you see on your way. Click the carrots in the basket, take one and pass it to the rabbet as soon as possible. Cause the carrot has its shelf time.
There are 10 carrots pre level. If the carrots are run out, the rabbit still can not get the carrot, then flash game finished.

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Brain Racer online game will help you learn multiplication table and improve your knowledge in an entertaining way. Your character is running together with his friends, and the more correct answers you give, the faster he will run. The soundtrack won’t leave your kinds indifferent.

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Trollez coaster free kids online game is a good mean to have fun and train different skills. Your main aim is to retain 2 passengers to unlock the next level. To do this you will need to ride carefully, because in case your moves are too sharp, one or two of the wagons can come off, and you lose your passengers, therefore lose the level. On the other game the faster you ride the move scores you get. So it’s you choice and task to estimate the situation and decide what to do.


SpongeBob Squarepants - Coloring Book is on online coloring book where you can do no wrong :) There are many bright colors and different pages for those who like this cartoon character. Also, you can add your own drawing to the picture.
Add the game to your faves and come back for more!

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Choose the mode you want to start Emma valentine flash game. You will need to find differences on two almost similar pictures.
Easy mode– many differences to find but only a few are needed to reach the next page. This is a great way to play with young children.
Normal mode presents the perfect blend of quick progress with occasional moments of difficulty.
Harder – more differences are shown and you need to find them all. Hints are still available if you get stuck.
There are also 12 scenes to play in.

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Play online game The Smurfs Sports Pairs and decide how to match characters with tools. The Smurfs decided to take part in Olympic Games but they forgot which instrument to take. You need to help them find their sport equipments.

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Cut the ropes with balloons in order to let them fly and explode when touching sharp platforms. You will also need to sway the balloons with the attempt to direct it properly. You may as well shot them with arbalest. Remember you can let the balloon fly away.

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Move mouse upwards and downwards to set the angle. Click and hold the mouse to set the power. Release the mouse to throw the stone. Move mouse left and right to move the pet to catch the Mangoes to get points. Your aim in the first level of free flash game for kids Little Shooter is to collect 10 ripen Mangoes, to enter next level.
Green Mango gives you 10 points, yellow + 50 points. Dark Mango - 5 points, a fire - 1 life.

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Generous monkey wants to feed ancient idols with bananas. He needs your help. Direct the throw and control the power. Remember the amount of bananas is limited.