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Play online game Hungry Rabbit and collect all the carrots you see on your way. Click the carrots in the basket, take one and pass it to the rabbet as soon as possible. Cause the carrot has its shelf time.
There are 10 carrots pre level. If the carrots are run out, the rabbit still can not get the carrot, then flash game finished.

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Move mouse upwards and downwards to set the angle. Click and hold the mouse to set the power. Release the mouse to throw the stone. Move mouse left and right to move the pet to catch the Mangoes to get points. Your aim in the first level of free flash game for kids Little Shooter is to collect 10 ripen Mangoes, to enter next level.
Green Mango gives you 10 points, yellow + 50 points. Dark Mango - 5 points, a fire - 1 life.


SpongeBob Squarepants - Coloring Book is on online coloring book where you can do no wrong :) There are many bright colors and different pages for those who like this cartoon character. Also, you can add your own drawing to the picture.
Add the game to your faves and come back for more!

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Snow is falling, bells are ringing... In this lovely atmosphere, try to find all the hidden objects.
Try nor to make mistakes, with every wrong click, you will lose 5 seconds.
For each level of Hidden Christmas online game for kids you have 3 minutes, and in case you run out of time, the game ends.

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Enjoy finding a good fortune in this Christmas story in Xmas Differences flash game for kids. Discover all the differences in these holiday images.
Try not to make mistakes, with every wrong click, you will lose 5 seconds. For each level you have 3 minutes, and in case you run out of time in such series of free online games, the game ends.

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Aliens have stolen the favourite fridge of the Cat and transformed all the animals of the Fairyland into spiteful beasts. Help the Cat to return all on the places. Use arrowkeys to run and jump. In flash game Toffy Cat you need to collect food and hearts.
Jump on beasts from above to defeat them and turn them back into animals. Be careful. It's impossible to defeat Hedgehogs and Plants with jumping. Collect super boots to jump higher. Collect boxing gloves to defeat beasts just touching them (even Hedgehogs and Plants).

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In River of Food flash game the puppy is trying to catch the food floating over the river, but he does not know about his special powers, that his reflection on the river is enough to catch the food. Help him do so by jumping over and earn points. Click and hold the mouse, and leave after the boost bar fills in. Avoid the dog driving the car as you will lose life. Your target is to cover the 750 meters by moving forward and earn 5000 points. Complete the target before the time runs out. Enjoy this funny online game for kids. Use mouse to play online games.

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D-Finder 4 is a new twist to spot the difference online games. There are 4 near identical images - each image has one change not present in the others. Your objective is simple, find that difference for each image - total 4 differences per level.
Speed counts - bonuses are awarded for finding the differences quickly.
Differences change each time you play the game - so you can play free flash game all over again and again.

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In Dreamwoods online game for kids you have to destroy blocks which you see on the playground. In order to do this, you are to make combinations of three and more blocks. You'll get more points and mana destroying many blocks with one turn. If you meet any game character, he will ask you to find items or will give you a hint in flash game.

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Play Farm Bee flash online game: you are the farm Bee and you are on a mission of saving the Earth from the nasty stinkbugs
Guide the Bee with the mouse over the flowers to make them bloom. Avoid the stinkbugs. Once you complete the task, hit the "Go!" buttin and proceed onto the next field.
Use the mouse to navigate the Bee. Try to do your best to be named the "flower Bee Champion"!

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The object of Finders Keepers Christmas is to catch presents and cookies with your claw and pull them up to earn points. You must beat the level goal before time runs out. Any extra points you earn above the level goal helps you reach the next level's goal.
Your line will swing back and forth on its own. Drop the trap line when it is lined up with an object by clicking below the vehicle. You can cancel your drop line by clicking again.

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Use the mouse to aim and click to launch a squirrel to a nut, this is the main aim in Nutty mania free flash game. There are 42 levels to complete. Avoid spikes – don’t let the squirrel touch it. Shoot with max power to move the wooden block away. Shoot special stars and get your squirrel separate into many small squirrels collecting all possible nuts all around. You can break the ice blocks with squirrel or wood. There are also bounce blocks which will help you jump to the top of the platform.

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Click anywhere near the flows to trigger an explosion and create chain reaction. Use various bombs to get more powerful chain reaction. To buy a bomb, click its icon in the lower part of the screen.
Use ink mines to get additional chain reaction. Click to create the mine by octopus.
Collect fishes by moving octopus near it in Icy Fishes free online game for kids. Fishes can be used to buy upgrades.
Destroy submarine to get bonus mini-game. You can win prize money, fish, bomb etc. Destroy chest and catch diamonds to get a lot of money. It can be used to buy bombs.

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Be quiet - School's in session! It's a great online game with the characters that you know for sure. There are puzzles, math quizzes, and other fun tasks. There is a twist to it - your answers are being graded, so do your best to score as high as you can!
Enjoy the School's in session free flash game!