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In Extreme Ironing online game all you have to do is to grab your board and dive into the Extreme Ironing assault course. Complete the course in the fastest time possible. Pull off as many extreme moves as possible by hitting any combination of the cursor keys. Attempt to pull off special moves to have your polaroid taken.
Use space bar and arrow key in fun flash game.

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Formula Racer 2012 free flash game has 12 different tracks from around the world in the 3D graphics.

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Your objective in flash game Hot Date is to get the hot girl at the bar before any other guy can take her away. You're the guy sitting down looking at the girls.
Try to get her by foiling the attempts of the other two guys and winning her love and attention.
Click around in online game, solve the puzzles and find the right sequence for success. Good luck. If you get stuck - press the Walkthrough button.

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The main aim of the Sock It free flash game is to find the pair for each sock. Left click to select first sock. This places it in the sock selection box.
Left click and drag matching sock into the sock selection box (on top of first sock).
Pairing complete or if you can't find the matching sock, use the cancel button on the sock selection box and click on a different one.

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Valhalla is a mythical Viking’s paradise. Every warrior wants to get there. But now it’s impossible. Evil creatures have taken over Valhalla. Yet there is still hope in you. Use your mighty hummer, get rid of all creatures and enter to Valhalla.

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You are an evil alien bent on the destruction of humans. After traveling you finally arrive on the planet Earth and set straight to work.
Kill, destroy and damage as much of a city as possible in flash game ET Smash. Your primary objective is to see how far you can get through the city before your time runs out in online game.

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Catch the green flies and get more shots to go. Catch magnets to attract surrounding bubbles. Collect all bubbles with limited amount of turns. Play Fling a Thing free flash game and use a mouse to control your character. Eggs are full of babies that shower down and collect bubbles below.
Bubblegum bubbles give you an extra bounce. Bells give more shots in flash game. Fruits give more points. Arrows spring you up higher.

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Play online game Alien Thief where you've just invaded earth, and now it's your job to bring back some souvenirs. Fly your space ship through 20 levels, grabbing critters, stealing stars, and avoiding obstacles, for example spikes, mines, and electric fields, to get your booty to the transport area.

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Help the New Year Piggie scare off the Bad Luck Dragon and bring good luck to the town. Play online fun game Fire Crackers and perform next moves:
1. Run quickly around the building and set off the firecrackers. Use the left right, up and down arrows to control Piggie's movement.
2. When Piggie is derectly below the firecrackers, you will see a target. Press the A key to set off the explosives and be ready to run, You have three seconds to move a safe distance away.

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In Boombot online game you need to click and hold the mouse to make a bomb. Release to explode and move boombot.
Try to get boombot to the exit with bombs you are given.
Tnt-explosions will set this this off.
Senso-gel – sudden movement or impact will make this go bang.
Oil barrels catch fire, then go bang.
There are 50 level to play online game through.

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Zombie hates hospital and in flash game Zombie Warrior Man he needs to escape. He will use petrol-powered saw with the help of which he will clear his way out.

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Play online fast paced action game. You see small interesting creatures on the screen, your mission is to click 'em. Don't think it's that easy. They run fast. When you manage to click them, they will leave a key which leads to another room-level with bigger amount of creatures.
The gameplay is rather simple, still very entertaining.

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In Cat Around The World online game you will need to feed the cat with a hamburger– click the block to pop it. Stay away from electrical platforms. Drag mouse to see ahead. In France level – click the button to push the croissant.

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In Optical Illusions flash game you will see some optical illusion and will need to guess whether it is true or not. Just select the needed category and look at the picture. You will definitely have fun when realizing the correct answer.