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Welcome the french guy Michel who is on his quest to save the world. There can be only one hero. Fire the cannon and drown the pirate's vessel before he drowns yours. Drag the arrow with the mouse to set the velocity and speed of the cannon. Play Michel Saves the World 2 - Pirates of the Seven Seas online game for free.

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Aim...Shoot! You have only 20 seconds for each turn, so try not to miss it. Carefully set the missile trajectory counting the wind - it's goinf either against you or in front of you. Shoot the enemy using your mouse. Click your unit, then drag to set the angle and power, release it to shoot.
Destroy all the enemies! Platform War game will take some of your time to get a hand of it. Although, you can play it online for free.

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Play Hero rpg free online game where warriors are the rulers of the battlefield. Weilding melee weapons such as swords, axes, and maces they excel at close range combat. Warriors typically wear heavy armor making them hard to kill and deadly in one on one battle. Warriors spend most their time at the local blacksmith, pub, or on the battlefield in flash game. Warriors are weak at a range and are less charismatic than the other classes.

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Long time ago in the Kingdom ruled by the good and noble King Alteon lived a beautiful archer who stole from rich and gave to the monsters. How else did you think RPG monsters get all of that loot on them? While her true identity is a secret, we do know this. Robina can be found in the free online rpg adventure quest game Monster Hunt. Perhaps you should journey there and speak with her yourself.
Aim using your mouse and press the left mouse button to fire. Each stage will tell you the objective as it begins. May your aim be true.

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You can run left and right with the respective arrow keys. Hold Shift to walk. Hold down to crouch. Tap up to jump, twice for a double jump. Attack with W. Tap A for a strong attack, and D for a quick attack. You can do regular, strong, and quick attacks while jumping and crouching.

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A long long time ago, Land Sakara was rich and flourishing. There was a village at the west of the land called Arcuz Village. People lived there happily and peacefully. Their cozy life led them to forget the dark age when the Devil of Abyss, Ssyba, came out from the underground and brought horror and darkness to the land. Fortunately, he was sealed in the deepest place of the dungeon by the heroes.

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Much has changed since Swords and Sandals 1 free flash game. But for those who have played the first online game, the basic premise is the same – create your gladiator and battle your way to fame and fortune. Tooltips will guide your way through the specifics of the game, but the basic pattern of the game is as follows:
create/build up your character;
buy weapons, armor, spells and potions;
defeat gladiators to win experience and gold...and then do it all again.

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Zombie Marching! Play and fight against them! This is a combination game - use your puzzle skills to swap the tiles and get your resources to fight. Once you get more money go to the shop to buy some upgrades. This online game is very addicting, so be careful! Don't miss your appointment! :D

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In Knight Attack you need to use different tactics to defeat your opponent. Move your units around the map and attack the enemy units. As you win battles you will gain points. The number of points depends on how well you play. You can spend your points to unlock new jobs and abilities.
Simply click the buttons and click a colored square to act on it. Clicking a non-colored square will cancel.
Hp is the number of damage you can take, your char will fall if it reaches zero. Mp will get lower as you cast spells. If you don't have enough mp to cast the ability will cancel.

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You woke up in the middle of the island and now you need to find out where are you. You've noticed a small green creature which followed you, and you decided to take it with you. Pets are very important part of Cast Away free rpg online game. They will help you out on your journey by fighting along your side. You can also command your pet by clicking the appropriate button in their bar below.
Command: after clicking this button, choose the enemy you would like your pet to attack.
Stay: this will tell your pet to stop and not move or follow you.

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Meet Cyber Chaton - it is a virtual kitty that you need to take care of. Feed it, play with eat, clean up - to be short, take best care of it to make it happy. Play with the Chaton online. If you like the game, add it to your favorites once you create your account.

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In Brute Wars you've got to journey up to the top of Mt.Asio. There is a lot of danger on the way, so you'll be assembling a team of six animals to help you. With the help of your team, you must navigate the world map and find a way to reach the summit. Keep your eye out for the Castles around the world. Battle their denizens to conquer them.


Loyalty, justice and truth left this world. Hatred, falsehood, greed, gave birth to the kingdom without boundaries that crosses the souls of every living creature. Evil will always exist, but it can be fought. Young squire, are you ready to give your life to fight against the abyss?

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The objective of flash game is to keep your world alive for as long as possible by looking after your character - your character's happiness is the key. Energy levels, nutrition, air quality and money are some of the factors that you will need to consider to ensure the survival of your world.