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Love to play Pacman? Here is a updated version for you - Pacman 3d that you can play online. Quite cute, Suitable for all ages :)

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The goal of Tevlon 3D online game is to destroy the enemy's bases. Indicated by a yellow dot on the mini map as well as yellow arrows around your ship. On each level you have a limited amount of the time to destroy all bases, the time remeining is shown by the red meter on the top-right corner of the screen of online game.
On the most levels you will not have enough ammo to destroy all targets in one sweep, so you'll need to return to your base (your starting position) and reload.
Controls: WASD or the arrow keys, strafe on Z and X, fire missiles with space, pause game with ESC.

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Play free online game 3D Buggy Racing where the controls are usual and the gameplay is very dynamic. Use arrow buttons to control, accelerate and brake.
Enter your name, select your track: North America and England (Canary Islands, Germany and Russia are locked at the beginning) and then choose your flash game buggy color: red, blue, yellow, pink, brown, turquoise, green or black. Use the cursor keys to drive your buggy. Complete 3 laps to add your time to the leader-boards. Place first to unlock the next track.

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Super drift online game is a nice racing game where you can check your skill driving on slippery road. Use such controls: Up/Down – Accelerate/Brake, Left/Right – steering, C – change camera, Space – reset car, P – Pause game. Counter drift – quickly double tap in opposite direction of current drift, 5 – frame link.
Anyone can race, only the best can drift! Take turns at over 100 mph and over take your opponent in the race to the finish line. Play Time Trials if you want to put your best time to the test. Lets Drift!

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Your goal in Turbo spirit racing flash game is to race on different tracks and be the first one to cross the finish line. In the options menu you can choose between mouse controls and keyboard controls. The recommendation is to use the mouse.
Rules: each track has 5 checkpoints. Time is added to clock at each checkpoint. Race ends if you run out of time early. You can retry each track unlimited times.
Scoring: you get a base score for your mileage. At each checkpoint you score a bonus depending on your rank and remaining time.

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Marksmen free online game is a perfect 3d shooter with a first person combat. The player has impressive armor in his disposal. In order to kills zombies he can use not only pistol but also a fowling piece and a sniper rifle. Use keyboard to control: W-up, A-down, S-left, D-right. Select weapons by pressing: 1-combat shield, 2-assault rifle, 3-auto shotgun, 4-snipper. Press R to reload, 5-map navigation, 6-night vision. Shoot with a left mouse click, aim with a right mouse click. Have fun in breathtaking, dangerous and addictive shooter.


If onle racers could fly they would certainly start avia-racing. Choose the main character and the track, where you will compete with your opponent in the clouds of exhaust gases. You need to fly through all rings, each missed ring will take one of your lives (you have 3 of them). You need to manage the track faster than your opponent.

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In Astro Flyer free online game you are flying in the sky on a small futuristic aircraft. Collect golden stars and elude various hurdles on your way. Your gameplay will be limited to 5 lives, so don’t waste them at once.

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Dean Kart online game is a 3d simulator of racing on the most various tracks on interesting cars, if only you can call a bath like that. Choose your vehicle at the beginning and have the opportunity to improve it with each stage. You have a big variety of additional options and tools, which can make your car invincible. Win the first place, get bonuses and accelerators which will help you later in more difficult levels. Avoid collisions with obstacles and other cars. Easy controls of the game will please you.


Train your abilities to fly managing hard tasks of advanced aerobatics. Do not forget about the fuel level in order not to finish the flight with uncontrolled spin.

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In CuberXtreme free flash game you will need to clear the place from all blocks. Most of them are simple and you can move them, they are of a green color. But those which have anchors on the sides display special characteristics and you can’t move them.

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Xenon Fighter flash game is another flying 3d shooter, where you have to fly up to the end of the tunnel shooting enemy ships. Don’t forget to evade the shots and various meteorites.

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Metal Arm Fawege free online game is the place where you can turn to the mighty robot that fights with others and shows who is the best. The game is performed with cabin view, and controlled with a mouse.

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Play online game Sky Driver Extreme and try to drive the car with a bomb. If you drive outside the road you lose. Try to drive fast because the time is limited, otherwise the car will explode.