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Collect the letter tiles by clicking and dragging and create as many words as you can before the time runs out. Words must be 3 and 8 letters long. You have only three minutes to play one level of Word Maker online word game. Don't waste time. The more words you create the higher score you get. It is a good opportunity to check your knowledge and attentiveness. If you see blue tiles, it is better to make up words using them, it will bring you more scores.

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Your objective in Rich mine 2 only game is to cut the rope and get the purple gem to the gnome in each level. Cut the ropes to make the jewel reach Mr.Gnome’s open bag. Collect the coins by touching them with the jewel. Press “restart” or use “space” key to replay a level. Beware of enemies, they destroy the coins, jewel and make Mr.Gnome sad. Avoid obstacles like animals, spikes and use crates to your advantage. The arrow changes a movement direction. Play online game with numerous levels and have fun with such entertaining game genre.

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Play online game and do everything possible in order to feed cute creature with tasty candies. Aim above your destination and account the gravity. When arrow is charged you cannot lose focus. Changed amount and length of arrow determine jump strength in flash game Fjong. To abort jump, move mouse onto character.
The best online game is featuring 3 adorable creatures. Help them get their candy. 20 levels and 80 stars to collect. Intuitive one button mouse controls, beautiful world and loads of candy.

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Use all of your skills to find similar blocks in this game with characters from famous Brothers Mario series. The time is limited so you need to do everything quick in order to get higher scores.

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Your goal in Teelombies infection puzzle online game is to infect all the people and gain gold. Launch zombies into the humans, they will run and bite the surrounding people.

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In Civiballs free online game you have to drop all of the colored balls into the amphoras with the same color. Use the left mouse button to cut a chain. Use the space bar or press restart to replay a level. In some levels you will need to think over each of your step very carefuly, otherwise you might not manage the task, and mix the colors. After you mange the first level in the online logical game, you will be able to see the map where you choose among three location where to start processing the game.


The intense time in your first Legend adventure has left its mark. You really need a vocation. At last you reach your destination: a very small airfield. You've got to find your suitcase first.

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Welcome to the lab of Successful experiment free flash game. Today we are going to do some fun physics experiments. The aim of the experiment is to move the ball into a target area. You can use different ball to help to achieve the goal. Bowling balls are the heaviest – use them when you need most weight. Click the ball to take it. Click to place the ball. Bubbles are very light and float upwards. Place bubble to release the ball. Basketballs are as heavy as bowling balls, but they can bounce and float on water. Use 1-3 to switch between balls quickly and R to restart.

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The old house used to belong to your imaginary grandfather, but it has stood empty since his mysterious disappearance many years ago. Your online imaginary mom and you are now moving in to take care of the family estate.
Your grandfather was a famous explorer who traveled through the jungles of Latin America looking for lost temples and treasures. You are so sad that you never got to meet him.

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Pirate-smiley hunts for treasures. But he needs your help. Roll him to the chest with gold avoiding bombs. Overcome the obstacles and clear your pirate way to victory.

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Slash your way to the title of the strongest fighters in history!

Samurais Vs Ninjas is a slice free flash game in which you fight the ninjas to make the world acknowledge the samurais as the strongest fighters!
Use the objects to kill the ninjas but be careful to not kill your fellow friends with a topknot!

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Lear some info about Steam Machine before you start to play free flash game Heron Steam Machine. There are four gauges representing: steam (green), electricity (yellow), water (blue) and oil (red). When the gauges start to rise, you will have to connect a pipe with the corresponding color to release some pressure in logical flash game.
Heron: Steam Machine features 8 different pipes. The purpose of each special pipe will be explained below.

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Trap the penguin or the duck inside the field, so that they can't escape - create the Trapr, as that's the only way to win. These guys are very smart, so think a few steps ahead or you'll need to start over. To play the game online you'll need the flashplayer up to date installed.

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Find Cities flash game is very similar to The Countries of Europe and other game of this series of online games. This time you will need to find the location of given cities. Agree, that might be a lot harder than countries. Still you can try. It's a lot of fun. Whenever you place the cursor on the location the flag of green color will appear. In one second the red flag will show you the correct answer and the distance between those two locations. On different level you will have different amount of targets, and the score you get for the correct answers.