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Create your own deadly disease and wipe out the mankind. The humans have 200 days to find a cure to the disease. You earn points by killing humans. You can change the way your unique disease spreads, its symptoms.
Go through the process of evolving from a virus to a pandemic disaster in Pandemic online game.

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As the greed and selfishness of human was killing the mother earth, gods had no choice but to annihilate the entire human race. In place of Human, critters were given intelligence and established their own civilization. They worshiped their creators and spent a millennium in peace. Not like the human race, Critters were pure and peace loving creatures. Meanwhile the devils were struggling to find evil minds which once were full all around when the earth was full of human. The devils, after all, decide to declare war on the Critterland.

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Finally, the student years are over. It was more than too long, decades in fact, spending half your time as the chief of guard of a small town in the outskirts (this at least kept you from forgetting gemcrafting spells), and the other half keeping yourself young and ready with cheap magic tricks, and studying higher wizardry.

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More and more safari parks are getting transformed into hunting ground every day. Nobody knows who's behind this, but ever since the Safari Park started losing money, they are threatening to destroy it. The Park needs your help. Every day in Safari flash game you will receive challenges. Your first main challenge is to collect 2 stars by the end of the day. Bonus challenge is to collect 5 start by the end of the day.


In Battle Gear vs Giant Tower Defense online game you main aim will be to beat of the enemy invasions and attack the enemy in order to destroy it. Improve skills of your army and be ready for fight. Use (left, right) or (A,D) key to scroll the game. You can also use your mouse by moving the cursor to the edge of the game screen. Press (Z/Y) or (C) keys to fast scroll to the left, center or right edge of battlefield. Click on a unit to train and attack the enemy. Create a new unit by clicking the unit type. Hot keys: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. Press P to pause the game, and press it again to unpause.

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Welcome to Bug War 2 online game where you'll have to defend your spawns and capture enemy spawns. There are 2 types of building: Spawn and Tower. Spawn produces units. Tower attacks enemy units.
Unflagged buildings are non teamed buildings. Therefore, these buildings won't attack the other. To send units to other spawn, drag your pointer from your building to the target building. Selection of multiple spawns are done by dragging the pointer over all of the desired spawns.

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In 2012 multitude of alien-bugs invaded the Earth with the attempt to destroy all vegetables. The aim of Bugs TD Invasion online game is to save and grow plants. Build and improve cannons for defense. Use different obstacles, the better tools you use the more bonuses you have, which will help you in next levels.

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Get ready to control the whole corporation of zombie creation and transformation in Zombie Inc online game. Your object is to make unconquerable army from living dead and capture the whole world. You will need to manage your finances in order to control the production process.

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Help Scooby and Shaggy to get out of the room. They are in the Pyramids. You need to clear your path by moving the boxes. Think ahead as there are limited steps you can make. If you fail the ghost of Anubis will appear and you will habe to retake the level.
To play Scooby-doo Curse of Anubis online free game you will need to use the arrow keys. There is no time pressure.

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It is 336 BC, and you are Alexander the Great in free flash game with the same name Alexander the Great. Your desire is to reach the end of the Earth and the Great Outer Sea.
Your objective in online game is to conquer all the nations that oppose you. Show them your great tactical ability and crush them.
Select a city to invade. You are presented with a map - you can only invade cities adjacent to territories you have already conquered. Click on cities to see their strengths and terrain types.

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Welcome to Arx Prime, commander! Before we send you off to defend the colonies, we've got a bit of a training exercise lined up, therefore you understand how things operate out. There's a few bomb drones headed your way right now, so try and get some Flak Guns up on the towers. Take a look at the colonist-occupied Hab Blocks in the center of the colony. The safety of colonists is your primary concern in all missions. Right now they're awfully vulnerable, so set up a few armor blocks on top of the Hab blocks.

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The enemy will approach from the top of the screen, marching along the roads towards the bottom in flash game Defense 1942.
Build defenses near the roads to kill the enemies as they pass. Click on your defenses and upgrade them to make them more powerful for the rest of the level.
Your cash balance is carried over to the next level. For every mile advanced, you will get 5 extra lives, a 750$ bonus, and 3 upgrade points.
Spend upgrade points between levels to improve defenses.
When flash game is paused, a schematic map will be overlaid on the terrain to help you place towers correctly.

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In The Last Village online game you will defend your village from enemy invasion. You can train 5 different armies to help you protect the village. Each army is led by a commander who has a special ability. At the top left corner you can see how many days you have kept the village unharmed. Every time you end your round, the number will increase by one.

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Welcome to Super Fireman free flash game. Your main objective is to put out or control a wild fire and rescue people by taking them to a safe area. To put fires you can use either a helicopter or a fire truck. To begin online game you will need to load the helicopter with water. Click the helicopter (or use hotkey 1) and then click the water to fill it. When the helicopter is full of water, move it to the fire affected area by clicking the fire.