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Reincarnation online game is a quest type game, where you will have a lot of puzzles to solve. Help the purple demon levitate things and create evil throughout the game by using your mouse and clicking objects to interact with them. Some objects may need to be combined in order to progress. Store things you find in the game inventory. Use these items on other objects, yourself and/or combine them with other items in your inventory. Once you have found the reincarny, it is your job as the demon to find something evil that the reincarny has done and send hem/her back to hell.

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After leaving the Flat disc of the planet Earth, general Bobble John found his home planet, Cr8-Magnon attacked by alien spaceships of unknown origin. On the orbit of Cr8-Magnon he intercepted a radio signal from captain Felix who was struggling to hold resistance to the alien forces. Planet Cr8-Magnon is rich with a radioactive Mineral that can be used as fuel. This makes the planet a top target for invaders.

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Pan the view be sweeping the screen with your mouse. You can pick any slot from the board by clicking on it. Your objective is to collect 4 different colors by winning mini games. Each color represents its own mini game.
Collect enough stars from the mini games to get an extra turn. You can also try to steal colors from your opponent by selecting an occupied slot. Bonus boxes grant you free stars but only if you manage to win a slot that contains one.

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This online game will take you in the times of Alexander ruling. Help him clear the playing field of this flash game. Alexander the great - king of Macedonia was one of the greatest conquerors that ever lived. His vision was to unite the world in a universal kingdom. A kingdom where everyone was equal.

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Wipe out enemy defense systems and successfully rescue all hostages in flash game Global Rescue. Time is of the essence, so the faster you evacuate hostages, the more points you'll gain. You're restricted to carrying just 5 passengers at a time in online game.
Press Z to drop chaff. (useful in stopping missiles). Press C to fire. To rescue the hostages press the Spacebar to lower the winch (and again to recoil). Use the Arrow keys to navigate the Merlin.

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The funny creature Penguin floats in air with the balloons in the parachute. Protect the balloons from getting burst by the birds. Using mouse, move the Penguin and make it to shoot the fishes by the right click option in your mouse.

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Can you complete this quiz till the end from the first try? Hell, no. Some of the questions are really tricky, some are minblowingly stupid, but those are the most difficult ones!!!
Some of the questions are timed, ranging from 10 to 1 second. You have 3 lives, every mistake takes one life. If you lose, will have to start over.
Use the mouse to play.

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When Jean-Claude the megalomaniac mouse goes on stage, he becomes super mouse. Help super mouse to conquer the heart of fans by taking him to the cheese moon and pick up a maximum of cheese stars in flash game Fly Me To The Moon. How to fly to the moon: use the space bar or click on a planet to send super mouse fly in space. The planets sets on the theater control the gateway to the cheese moon. Keep an eye on the closure gauge to the left of the screen. If it reaches its maximum, access to cheese moon will become impossible and online game will be over.

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In Roller Coaster Rush flash game you are about to start your career as a brakeman. Your first task is to tame the famous American roller coasters which are known for challenging even for the bravest of the brakemen. It's not going to be an easy ride. Make your way through 25 shaky tracks by pressing the left arrow key to brake and the right arrow key to accelerate. Total Stars in the track information bar shows you how many stars you have collected in the current country. Every time you manage to increase the total stars by three, you unlock a new track.

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Running a junkyard can be dangerous business. Your objective in flash game The Junk Yard is to work as a crane operator and move trashed cars, trucks and buses to the compactor.
The trick is stacking the cars so that they don't fall over. During each level you are given a weight quota of vehicles to stack and a limited time to do it in.
Aim carefully with the crane and try to stack the cars neatly - the neater the pile the more compact the final product will be (and more points given) in free online game.

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Sift Heads Remasterized flash game - Classic Sift Heads assassination game. This time the new mission is a series of huge assassination tasks, and the goal is hard to find. Be quick, swift and strong, the experience is unique and exciting. First mission will be the easiest – don’t miss the aim. It is a guy from the gray mafia who sells on red mafia’s territory. Kill him. Don’t hurt civilians. You have a weapon – dragunov, 7.62 mm. Perform the mission with mastery and get award which will help you in the next mission.

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Some 65,000,000 years ago the dinosaurs ruled the earth a small planet at the end of Arjahun sector. Human always thought them to be stupid animals, what they did not know is that one of them the Destoy was much smaller than humans are. That race lived in peace, with no wish for expansion. But when the Destoy scientists discovered an asteroid that is about to crash into the earth, they knew they have no choice but to leaving or to be extinct. Many years later, a new race now rule this planet - the human, but the Destoys have never forgot their ancient homeland.

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Farm Fever flash game will offer you to play on your own very first farm. There you can harvest, feed, plant, and fertilize. When a field is full of ripe crops, you can harvest them by clicking. Harvesting costs your energy. Your harvest will fall out of the fields, and then you can collect them. The more you collect the higher is your experience on the farm.

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Check out what you can you with the mouse - there are so many effects and colors!
Experiment with the speed that you move the mouse with, try different angles and points.
Use the arrow keys to switch the effects. Use "M" key to mute teh music, "N" - to hide the cursor.
Have fun!