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Have fun designing your own anime character with all the tools and options in the flash game Anime Character Generator. Go through all the options - let the imaginatino guide you.

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In Gerbil free online game you will need to lead the gerbil to the exit. There will be a lot of options and tools which will help you. Out corner – the amount of gerbils currently in play. Home counter – the amount of gerbils through the level. Death counter – the amount of gerbils that have died.
Sunshine counter – collect sunshine to play for skill teaching. Gerbil skills – teach skills to get gerbils to the exit. Action buttons – pause or fast forward time. Nuke button – kill all gerbils and end the level.

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Farm Fever flash game will offer you to play on your own very first farm. There you can harvest, feed, plant, and fertilize. When a field is full of ripe crops, you can harvest them by clicking. Harvesting costs your energy. Your harvest will fall out of the fields, and then you can collect them. The more you collect the higher is your experience on the farm.

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The ancient treasure chest that you've been hunting for years was crashed and scattered by a severe storm. Precious jewels were swallowed by local fishes. You have to find a way to retrieve your treasures. So feed the fishes in online game. Drag and drop green fishes to feed red. If you feed the fish that is already fed, it will pop and thus release swallowed jewels.
Keeping score multiplier high is the key to success. Red fish can eat green, green can eat blue, blue can eat red. Burst group, encircle and collect. Keep score multi high.

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Ship Lander is a game about a miniastronaut in the Earth. Watch the instructions on the screen and follow them. Avoid leaves, pinecones and other things that are falling down. Play the game online for free.

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Running a junkyard can be dangerous business. Your objective in flash game The Junk Yard is to work as a crane operator and move trashed cars, trucks and buses to the compactor.
The trick is stacking the cars so that they don't fall over. During each level you are given a weight quota of vehicles to stack and a limited time to do it in.
Aim carefully with the crane and try to stack the cars neatly - the neater the pile the more compact the final product will be (and more points given) in free online game.

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This online game will take you in the times of Alexander ruling. Help him clear the playing field of this flash game. Alexander the great - king of Macedonia was one of the greatest conquerors that ever lived. His vision was to unite the world in a universal kingdom. A kingdom where everyone was equal.

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Wipe out enemy defense systems and successfully rescue all hostages in flash game Global Rescue. Time is of the essence, so the faster you evacuate hostages, the more points you'll gain. You're restricted to carrying just 5 passengers at a time in online game.
Press Z to drop chaff. (useful in stopping missiles). Press C to fire. To rescue the hostages press the Spacebar to lower the winch (and again to recoil). Use the Arrow keys to navigate the Merlin.

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It is not the time to think of how you get into this room - your task is to escape it. Observe the room and look for hints, use all improvised material you find. Try any mean to be rescued from this room. When you click the concrete item it will be displayed on the right side of the screen. Use those items later combining them together.

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In Jumpie 2 free flash game all you have to do is to press Jumpie and drag the mouse to setup the angle and power for a jump. You must fly through all the rings to unlock the next level. If you fly through the ring without crashing, it will remove the ring in online game. For each level you have limited amount of lives. Complete each level with maximum lives left, each one will give you 100 points. For every level completion you get score +150. For restart of the level you lose 50 points.
Press left mouse button and drag. Release the button and the ball will fly.

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In Trickochet online game you will need to use dotted line to angle your shot so you get the target, and click to shoot. Perform tricks shoots by bouncing off objects to collect the targets in the fewest shots you can.
In this flash game you can bounce shots off the edges of the screen too. Use the arrow keys or WASD to move around. Spacebar also jumps.

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When Jean-Claude the megalomaniac mouse goes on stage, he becomes super mouse. Help super mouse to conquer the heart of fans by taking him to the cheese moon and pick up a maximum of cheese stars in flash game Fly Me To The Moon. How to fly to the moon: use the space bar or click on a planet to send super mouse fly in space. The planets sets on the theater control the gateway to the cheese moon. Keep an eye on the closure gauge to the left of the screen. If it reaches its maximum, access to cheese moon will become impossible and online game will be over.

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Some 65,000,000 years ago the dinosaurs ruled the earth a small planet at the end of Arjahun sector. Human always thought them to be stupid animals, what they did not know is that one of them the Destoy was much smaller than humans are. That race lived in peace, with no wish for expansion. But when the Destoy scientists discovered an asteroid that is about to crash into the earth, they knew they have no choice but to leaving or to be extinct. Many years later, a new race now rule this planet - the human, but the Destoys have never forgot their ancient homeland.

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Do you get sooo angry with your PC sometimes that you are ready to whack it? See what happens if you do let that anger our. Better count till ten.
Find objects in the office that you think might help to whack the PC. Be imaginative! If you r guess is right, they get highlighted in blue. Press and see what happens.
Use the mouse to play this game.