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Jak 3: Gold Edition is a great adventure online game with 35 levels that won't keep you bored. Turn into the bad Jack to destroy the obstacles and creatures along your way. Find your way through.
Go through tutorial first to get some skills and see your possibilities with the super powers and simply physical abilities. Have fun!

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In Pick and Dig 3 online adventure game you have to help small purple character collect money and diamonds. Click arrow keys to move, press Up to enter the door. All collected items need to be carried with you through the exit door, or they are not rewarded to you. The red indicator on the door shows how many additional coins are possible to collect on the level and presence of a jem on this level.

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In Creepy Cave In 2 you have to guide Shaggy and Scooby through a series of interactive action and logic based puzzles. To succeed your objectives are to:

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Evil Pigsaw has decided it's payback time and has created a twisted videogame to trap the Inka Games Team. To help them escape you'll have to go through the world of Mario Bros, Pokemon, Resident Evil y Street Fighter.
Learn the basic rules of Pigsaws Challenge online adventure game in order to stay alive.
To walk: just click on any part of the floor (walkable, of course).
To interact with persons/objects: click on it and choose an action: mouth (talk, taste, bite etc.), hand (grab, take, punch etc.) or eye (to have a description of the desired element).

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The minions of Vulkhan have ravaged the Lands of the Great Northern Mountains unopposed. Crushing any hero brave enough to stand against them. Until now.
Your homeland has been taken over by an evil race. Anyone who dares threaten the race is destroyed. You have to save your land and country. Enter this mysterious and foreign land to level up and gain skills in Dungeon king adventure online game similar to Diablo. Fight giant bugs, gain experience, and defeat the evil power. Use the WASD keys to move around. Use mouse to aim and left click to attack.

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You are the main hero of this game, thus you will experience all the Nephi's Adventure. This online game starts with all of the brothers locked in the city. There is a goblet in your inventory. Although you cannot use it without unlocking it. You'll need to use the help of the others to find your way out of the "imprisonment".
Use the appropriate icons for different actions - walking icon for walking, talking icon for talking. If you want to look at someting or examine - use the eye icon. To pick something up use the hand icon. Play around to see how you can use everything around.

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Soldier’s life is not that easy as it seams. Sometimes they just want to leave everything and escape those hard missions they are fulfilling.
In Soldier Diary free flash game you will need to help one of the soldiers escape from his post at night. You should act accurately as there are people around who can notice him, and there are many obstacles to overcome. You will need to interact with different objects and solve a lot of puzzles in order to escape. To do this you will need a lot of patience, but sometimes you will see hints helping you out.
Make soldier’s dream of escape come true.

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Escape the bush prison, help Link find his way out. Collect the rupees along the way, kill the enemies or they will kill you.
Move with the arrow keys and attack with "A".
Enjoy the adventurous pasttime with Zelda: Links Backyard onlnie game.

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As it is customary the world is over, Princess Helen and Sir Arthur decided to go on a honeymoon after their wedding...Their most daunting task turned out to be picking out the best hat. For, it is well known that the intense heat of the tropical sun spares no one. The journey to the Azure archipelago is as long as as it is beautiful. The pilot told them that an evil and lonely wizard lives in these parts. He feeds solely on coconuts and sleeps in the canopy of the tropical forest, hanging his beard on a tree branch.


Reemus and Liam have the chance to show themselves as heroes. The Kingdom can be captured be evil monsters any moment. But the way to epic fights is blocked by bureaucracy. Find the way to avoid paperwork and go ahead to save the Kingdom faster.

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You were simply driving your car and suddenly the fuel finished. But luckily the stop occurred near the Camp Crystal Lake. Your aim is to find can of fuel and kill Jason. Who is Jason you will discover later.

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It seams like there is some life on Mars. Yes, definitely Mario is already there. He as usually needs to collect something. This time it is stars, so help him do this more effective and fast. In order to get to the next level you will need to collect all stars.

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Make your way through Barbossa's treacherous hideout and save Elizabeth Swann. Play online game Pirates of Caribbean 5 and enjoy challenging adventure flash game. Move through the cave filled with dangerous pirates. Fight them with a spacebar. Move and jump with arrow keys. Try to avoid dangers for example spikes thrown from the wall. Use moving platforms to reach higher. Some platforms don't stay still, they move once you step on them. At the end of the level fight with a boss. Don't think it is as easy as moving through the cave. You have only 5 lives to manage you mission in online game.

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In the year 3012 a giant meteorite was deflected away from planet Earth by ballistic torpedos fired from the planets surface. The people of Earth had escaped extinction. However, this solution proved to only be temporary. The gravity from the meteorite had disturbed the planet's orbit and Earth was now gradually spiraling in towards the sun. It was estimated that it would only be around 30 years before the planet was too hot to sustain life.