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Start a fun and exciting business in Rubato Hills and work your way up to become the next Recordshop Tycoon. Purchase CDs and upgrade your shops to attract customers! "We are confident you will be able to start a very successful business in Rubato Hills."
Use your mouse to play.

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One last trip to Wonderland

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Travel a vast world, collect equips, learn powerful skills and slay legions of foes!

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Somewhere far away from the busy city there is a Forgotten Post Office, where people do still bring their letters or come there to pick up percels. Looks like the Post Office is still very busy, judging from the mess around there. Help the Postman - find all letters in the picture. The game is timed, however, you will get hints after some time periods. You can play the game online for free or even add it to favorites adn play it more and more.

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You are travelling Round The World on a very unusual way of transportation - you are using the air balloon. Avoid the birds and collect as many stars as possible.
The game is one of those real relaxing online games to play, so enjoy your pastime.

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To walk: just click on any part of the floor (walkable of course). To interact with person/object: click on it and choose an action: mouth (talk, taste, bite, etc.), hand (grab, take, punch, etc) or eye (to have a description of the desired element).
To trigger actions: drag and object of your inventory (located at the bottom of the screen) and drop it over any other element that is on the stage (put) or in the inventory itself (combine).
End dialogs: to end a dialog just press esc ky, to speed sentences up just click at any point of the screen.

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Fire and Ice is a new flash game with colorful graphics and interesting gameplay. Use the keyboard to control the Fire or Ice.
Use the Spacebar to shoot either Ice or Fire.
Jump on an enemies' head to knock them out. Jumping on multiple enemies will create a combo bonus.
The enemies are different so be careful, some can shoot on you in online adventure games. Remember, also not to waste too much of time, it is limited in each level.

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In the year 3012 a giant meteorite was deflected away from planet Earth by ballistic torpedos fired from the planets surface. The people of Earth had escaped extinction. However, this solution proved to only be temporary. The gravity from the meteorite had disturbed the planet's orbit and Earth was now gradually spiraling in towards the sun. It was estimated that it would only be around 30 years before the planet was too hot to sustain life.

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Evil Pigsaw has decided it's payback time and has created a twisted videogame to trap the Inka Games Team. To help them escape you'll have to go through the world of Mario Bros, Pokemon, Resident Evil y Street Fighter.
Learn the basic rules of Pigsaws Challenge online adventure game in order to stay alive.
To walk: just click on any part of the floor (walkable, of course).
To interact with persons/objects: click on it and choose an action: mouth (talk, taste, bite etc.), hand (grab, take, punch etc.) or eye (to have a description of the desired element).

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In Pick and Dig 3 online adventure game you have to help small purple character collect money and diamonds. Click arrow keys to move, press Up to enter the door. All collected items need to be carried with you through the exit door, or they are not rewarded to you. The red indicator on the door shows how many additional coins are possible to collect on the level and presence of a jem on this level.

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Help Captain Jack Sparrow rescue his pirate crew from the notorious Davy Jones and his crew of Lost Souls. Avoid been seen. Unlock each door with the right key. Avoid the bursting flames. Wait for the Lost Souls to dissapear before making your move in Depth of the Dutchman free online game.
Move with arrow keys, spacebar - to grab or drop the keys.
Collect treasures to get bonus points. You get additional points for completing the level quickly. You have only 5 tries.

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Three travelers from the Asauri Valley are searching for the legendary city - Otomaco. Each of them wants to find a different treasure. The Ork Cheri dreams about Otaxi, teh magic shield. The monk, Zeng is looking for the lost papyrus from God Olitec's temple. Only the elf, Elanti did not reveal why he joined the expedition.
Maybe you can find that out in Otomaco flash game.
You traveled safely through the Grey forest and the Ekwe valley in flash game. But all the time you had the feeling that you were watched by someone. Discover all the mysteries of this strange adventure.

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Make your way through Barbossa's treacherous hideout and save Elizabeth Swann. Play online game Pirates of Caribbean 5 and enjoy challenging adventure flash game. Move through the cave filled with dangerous pirates. Fight them with a spacebar. Move and jump with arrow keys. Try to avoid dangers for example spikes thrown from the wall. Use moving platforms to reach higher. Some platforms don't stay still, they move once you step on them. At the end of the level fight with a boss. Don't think it is as easy as moving through the cave. You have only 5 lives to manage you mission in online game.

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The Pretender 2 online adventure game will lead you into the world of mystery. Use arrow keys to move. Bring all the lost souls in a level to the exit door. Only one soul can follow you at a time. Elemental Fonts transform the magician and give him new abilities. Press spacebar to use your powers. Black Fonts restore the magician to his original form. You can also press spacebar to skip speech bubbles.
Complete four levels of adventure flash game to unlock the next set. Story/tutorial levels are optional. Progress is saved automatically.