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When you play online game Fierce Fighter you have to watch two important indicators: Life and Murderous Look. Murderous Look value is decided by the use of the ball. Your value will increase if you hit your enemy. When the word "skill" appears, you can use skill - tulong feet,when the word "kill" appears, you can use the most murderous action - madding action.
Notice: "Kill" is unique. When the word "kill" appears in fighting flash games, the skill can't be used.
Use basic keys to move.

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Hockey is a sport of real men and fighting here is a usual thing. Take the control over one of tough guys. Explain the opponent why he is not right with the help of feet and hands hits.

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Quite exciting and incredibly gory game for the fighting games lovers.

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Fear Unlimited Arena is online fighting game where you will need to show your fighting mastery. Health - green bar, when it empties, you can no longer fight and fail the mission. Magic - represented by runes. When 3 or more glow red, press F so summon the devil within. Action: A - evasive actions are actions that will allow you to escape harms way, or more to move strategic areas. Some evasives can only be performed with special weapons equipped. D - sword actions are melee based attacks. These actions come from what melee weapon is equipped. S - gun actions are actions based on range.

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Who do you think is the best fighter among Christmas characters: Santa, Frosty, or maybe Elf?
The following is a 1 on 1 fighting game, where it is up to you who gets to be the best. Play it yourself or bring over a friend to have even more fun. Unlock new characters.
Use arrow keys to move,
"A" for fast punch,
"S" for fierce punch,
"Z" for fast kick,
"X" for fierce kick.
Good luck! And Merry Christmas!

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In Sands of the Coliseum online game you will create the character with the skills you like and start the fight on the famous Coliseum arena.

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Henry VIII only fights the best. Prove yourself against his knights first. You face Shady Sir Nicholas "Tricky Nicky" Carew, Master of the Horse, his plots will be the death of him.
Before starting online game Dressed to Kill choose your weapon and armour.
Sword - weapon of choice for the gallant knight. Fast, allowing you to stab or slash at vulnerable spots. Beware of opponents in the heaviest armour.
Mace - forget finesse, smash your way through the armour, or stun the man inside. Slow but steady, pound them down.

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Royal Tumble is an unusual online fighting game where you will fight with finger characters. You can smash, strike and swipe. Special skill is available when opponent is low on health. It's devastating but comes with a risk, if the opponent defends against the special move, they will instead unload their special move on you.
Defend against an attack - use this skill to minimize damage when an opponent attacks you, especially with a special move.
At the beginning of flash game click the mask of the wrestler to pick your fighter.

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To enter a Monster Joust free online game you must be one of the following: crazy, insane, or an unstippable hero of Justice and Goodness who just returned from defeating an unstoppable army of the dead in Undead Assault and was then sent by the King to duel all of the most vile Villians in the Adventure Quest world in a highly publicized Jousting tournament.
Good luck hero. Click your mouse to swing your sword. Get gold for big hits. Get even more gold for knockouts. Use your gold to buy better weapons and mounts.

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Look at the time, it's so late. I think I've collected enough bugs. I have to hurry home before it gets dark. Come on legs, just run faster. Mom's gonna be mad at me, and I don't want to be lectured for hours. It was the words of the boy you are going to play with in Monster Saga online game. He didn't noticed the hole and got trapped. The water absorbed him and no one helped. He's been falling almost a minute, and thought he'd be dead when reach the bottom. But the miracle happened. He stayed alive, but he doesn't know how to get out. Help a boy to find his way home in this flash game.

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In Steam Birds online game you have to destroy all planes to complete the level. Click and drag a control marker to change the path of your airplanes. Aim for the first enemy. Click the End of Turn button to move your planes forward. Planes shoot automatically.

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Decades prior to the Great War, all four Nations were living in harmony under Avatar Kyoshi’s watch. In a competitive spirit, the very best Bending Masters from all four Nations gathered in a unique tournament. A tournament that would forever be remembered. Under Kyoshi’s watchful eye, all Masters bended it out until the 20 best were remaining. Whoever would win against such opponents would not only win fortune, but eternal remembrance as well.

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In Chrome Wars Arena online game you are in the year 2144. Humans are now rare and powerful, in control of entire galaxies. Attending them are hordes of robotic slaves. Once a year, the humans hold the Chrome Wars Tournament. Hundreds of cyborgs and robots gather to the Chrome Dome to fight for their freedom...but only the winner goes home free of the human tyranny.

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Choose your gear in Planet Hulk Gladiators online fighting game and fight against you opponent. None: the ultimate challenge. Fight without a weapon or armor for maximum speed. Earn maximum points while playing. Light: Hulk has some armor and a weapon. A nice balance of speed and power. Earn standard point while playing. Heavy: the Hulk is outfitted for maximum protection and attack power. He is slower and you earn less points while playing.