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More zombie sightings were reported yesterday in several major cities across Europe. One taxi driver who had a close encounter with one of the half-witted flesh said “He was ugly, didn’t talk any sense, and smelled of fish. Then Jeremy Clarkson got out of my cab, and that’s when I saw a zombie wearing a United kit”. A police spokesman said that anyone seeing a “zomballer” should give them a good whacking over the head with a shovel. We asked a legal expert if pulling limbs off zombies was allowed under European law.

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A pirate captain named Moryon has been peaceful settlement. Throw his pack of thieves back into the sea where they came from.
Welcome in Empires of Arkeia free online game, commander. You are on the prosperous Sunfall Isle which is ravaged by pirate raids. Now these raiders have sunk their teeth into the proud town of Hearthvale. Let’s show the vermin what they deserve in this online game.

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Much has changed since Swords and Sandals 1 free flash game. But for those who have played the first online game, the basic premise is the same – create your gladiator and battle your way to fame and fortune. Tooltips will guide your way through the specifics of the game, but the basic pattern of the game is as follows:
create/build up your character;
buy weapons, armor, spells and potions;
defeat gladiators to win experience and gold...and then do it all again.

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3 Card Poker online game is two games in one. The player may bet on either one, both, and in different amounts. Most players will play both equally.
Pairs Plus – this is a game of total luck. You do not play against the dealer, but against the odds. Get a pair or better and you win.

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Sarah wants to kiss her boyfriend and do her own activities on her date in Date Slaking flash game. Help her to complete all of the activities within 4 minutes. But make sure not to get caught by the waiter. Don't slack in front of your boyfriend, too.
Use your mouse or keyboard to complete the activities. If the waiter or boyfriend comes to check on you, simply click the X to get back to date.

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The goal of Tevlon 3D online game is to destroy the enemy's bases. Indicated by a yellow dot on the mini map as well as yellow arrows around your ship. On each level you have a limited amount of the time to destroy all bases, the time remeining is shown by the red meter on the top-right corner of the screen of online game.
On the most levels you will not have enough ammo to destroy all targets in one sweep, so you'll need to return to your base (your starting position) and reload.
Controls: WASD or the arrow keys, strafe on Z and X, fire missiles with space, pause game with ESC.

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Move one match to make expression true. The game is beautifully decorated in minimalist design. Also, you will appreciate the high-quality music. All levels can be solve with only one move. Grab the match using left mouse button and drag it to the correct position. Matches can be rotate with pressing spacebar.

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Play online game Hottie Hot Dog where you will need to manage your cafe serving hot dogs. Each customer shows the hot dog he/she wants. In order to prepare it place a bun on the plate. Click the sausage to place in on the grill. After a while put in into the bun and add needed ingredients.
Don't waste too much time, or your client will be sad. Serve correct orders, in case you make something wrong, use the trash bin and start again.
It is your chance to feel yourself as a cafe server in free flash game.

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Play online RPG game Telepath Psy Arena where you will need to compete with numerous enemies. Psy points consumed when using psy abilities and special moves. Have a character rest during combat to recover PsP: don't move or attack - 3 points. Move, but don't attack - 1 point.
Strength - affects the damage your character does with physical attacks.
Psy power - affects the damage your character does with psy attacks. Increasing this also increases PsP.
Psy Defense - affects the damage your character heals with shields and feedback attacks. Increasing this also increases Health and PsP.

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To win the cup in Goooaaal Legends online sport game, you'll have to win all your matches. Draw is regarded as a defeat. The fastest you score, the more points you get.
Use arrow keys to run, space to jump, adjust your shot with Up and Down and then shoot with space.
The Stars and SuperStars run and shoot faster than the standard player and enable you to score more goals. With a Star each goal gives a little bit of energy. A little resistant to tackling. With a Super Star each goal gives a lot of energy. Moderately resistant to tackling. Can not be tackled in the penalty area.

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Welcome to Warzone Tower Defense online game. Warzone is a tower defense flash game where you must attempt to survive as long as possible by building the most efficient line of defense.
When the game starts you will have a fixed amount of time before enemies enter the map, use this time setup your initialdefenses.

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Somewhere in the North Pole Santa Claus is preparing his sleigh for gift giving. When Rudolf came up to him and said...I'm sorry Sir but I don't think I can accompany you this night... I caught a bad cold and I'm not feeling very well. No need to apologize Rudolf. Go ahead and rest, we can manage the delivery tonight.

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How fast can this guy run? Oh, human possibilities are endless, although there are obstacles on the way? So watch out and jump over. Don't lose the speed - be the fastest.
Play Orange Runner game online.

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You are in the forrest, getting attacked by the zombie squirrels. Shoot them or die.
Don't forget to reload.
Use the mouse to shoot, "R" to reload, "Space" to cover.
Good luck!