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Your mission in Zombies vs penguins shooting flash game is to shoot and bounce the bullets to kill the zombies. Destroy all zombies in each level. Use mouse to aim and click to shoot. Get bonus points by shooting them in head. Look for more bonus. Aim carefully as you have limited amount of bullets in each level. Hit the sushis to pump your score. Get 1 bonus star for each ammo left when you clear a level. Granpa Zombies remembers the old days. So he wears armor to live another shot. Bombs and spikes do what they were intended to do.

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In The Aquatory online game you have to defend the territory from the invasion of the enemy submarines. You are armed with 4 types of weapons: pin weapon, barrel weapon, torpedo weapon, and deep mine weapon. Try them in action.
You can destroy enemy submarines in various ways, but the best way to do it is to directly hit the conning tower. However, you cannot do a headshot with a Torpedo weapon, this would make it too easy.

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Spaceman max free online game is a nice logical game where you will need to collide with different objects in order to get to the exit. The aim is not to touch the spiky walls and platforms. In order to manage the level you will need to think of each of your move and choose the right succession of the moves. You will need to explode blocks under the character and hence move him further jumping aside the bouncing platforms.

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Play online game Simple puzzle with animal where you need to collect the puzzle consisting of 16 pieces. There are several pictures to choose, according to what animal you like more. They are kittens, rabbit, dog, tiger, and squirrel. The time is not limited so you can think over the solution as long as you want. Double click on the puzzle will make it turn. This is a good game for kinds to train their puzzle solving skills.

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It is very pleasant to watch the night sky full of stars. Now you have such opportunity even sitting in front of the computer screen with Star Way board flash game. Moreover you will even complete logical tasks with constellation creation. In order to do so, place the stars on the label in order that lines connecting the stars should not intersect each other. Think carefully, directly form the second level, the game will get tougher and you will need to solve the task as fast as you can.

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In The Countries of Europe flash game you will be checked on your knowledge about the locations of countries of Europe on the map. As soon as you start the game, your results will be displayed in front of your eyes on the map. If you give the correct answer in one turn the country will be marked in green color, 2 turns - yellow, 3 – orange. After three tries you will see a blue flash on the correct location. Then that country will be painted red. Also your results will be counted into percents of correct answers. And there will be the time controller, to see how fast you can answer.

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Welcome to your new Cafe flash game. Enter the wonderful world of gastronomy. Most important of all, the food. In the book find the recipes, ingredients to prepare food from, cooking time and benefits for each recipe. If you are out of some ingredients you can buy some. The “0” next to the small fridge indicates the lack of certain product. Below you see the price for it.
Click on the stove a few times to go through the different preparation steps of free online game.

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Welcome to Bee Boxing free online game. Bring down your opponent's hive to win the fight. Aim at it and hold down the mouse button to attack.
Use your shield by holding down the mouse button while flying backwards. Blocking your opponents with your shield will stop their attack, and may knock them out permanently.
Your little recruits lose health when they fly into the hive, or when they are blocked. A combination of attack and defense will allow them to heal from their wounds.

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Play online sport game 3D Net Blaze and show your mastery in basketball play. Press space bar to pick up a ball. Press space bar to shoot ball when all balls are gone. Press space bar to jump. Press space bar to move court.
Try to shoot the ball at the top most of your jump. You have one minute to shoot 35 balls.
Play flash game again if you are not satisfied with your results. You can always improve your score.

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Play online game Magic Links and link the matching tile pairs in the level. A lonk cannot have more that two turns, and cannon pass through a blocking tile. No diagonal moves.
Adjacent tiles can be linked with one straight line. Remember: there are no diagonal links, so don't try to link such tiles.
Links can go through empty spaces. A link can even take a turn, and even two turns. Links can pass through borders of the board. But still they cannot have more than 2 turns in this online game.

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Think you are good at Hockey? Then think again. Take to the table and try to score more goals than your opponent in Air Hockey 2 online sport game. The faster you score the more points you get. Pick up icon stars for extra bonus points and be careful not to put the puck in your own goal.
Beat one opponent to move onto the next challenger who fill be faster, smarter and tougher to beat. Can you beat all 10 opponents in flash game and be crowned King of the Hockey table?
Use the mouse to control all aspects of the game.

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Play online 3D game Golf Championship and feel yourself like on the real field. You will play 9 holes in the game.
To hit the ball, place your mouse next to the golfer. Click once to start the power bar and again to stop it. Then click a third time to stop the direction or “snap” bar.

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In Spider Typer free flash game you have to help Berry the hairy spider climb to the top of the tree and escape from the hungry chameleons.
Type letters or words you see on the back of the chameleons.
The chameleons in online game will multiply and change colors as you move up in levels.
So hurry, and put your fingers to work to save Berry from becoming a delicious lunch.
Choose among easy, medium or hard mode.

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Use the brain in All We Need Is Brain free flash game in order to lure zombie out of its grave. Your main task is to get rid of all zombies through 25 entertaining levels. First you will just drop them into the precipice. But then there will be a lot of interesting levels with whole lot of things to think over.
At the beginning of the levels you will receive small hints which will help you understand the basics of each level.
You need to play brain on such distance that the zombie can smell it, otherwise it will stay in its grave and you won't be able to lure it to death.