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The task of Zodiac Match online game is easy: swap adjacent symbols to match sets of 3 or more. Matches can be created by color or by design. Constellations may have their own unique rules of play. Make sure to check the rulebook in the lower right corner.
Match 4 Symbols to create a Sun Beat. Sun beats clear a 3*3 area. T and L-shaped matches create a Light Cross. Light crosses clear symbols in the shape of a cross. Match 5 symbols to create a Purifier. Purifiers clear all symbols of the same sign or color.

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In Seal of The Mainland online beat'em ups game you will have to defeat the enemies with you own troops. They should stand in a good line, each group in each icon. When you click the icon with the mouse, you can control the row of the corresponding team. When you select a row team, the rank of the state is very important.

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In Dreamwoods online game for kids you have to destroy blocks which you see on the playground. In order to do this, you are to make combinations of three and more blocks. You'll get more points and mana destroying many blocks with one turn. If you meet any game character, he will ask you to find items or will give you a hint in flash game.

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In Space Saver Best free online game you and your spaceship have important job to do, save the lost astronauts in space and bring them back to earth. Your space ship can stand for years in space, but to survive, you need to follow the light path without touching it. Use your mouse and left/right arrow to control the spaceship, stick in the middle of light path and save the astronauts. Each astronaut has its own oxygen supply, so you need to save them before they run out oxygen in online game.

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The rules of Classic Mahjong online game are very easy. Use mouse to match open pairs of identical tiles and remove them from the board. A tile is said to be open if it can be moved either left or right without disturbing other tiles (opened tiles are highlighted).
All four flower tiles in flash game are the identical, and all four season tiles are the identical too. So any open pair of flower or season tiles can be removed from the board.
This online game has 60 levels, so you'll have chance to play your favorite game a lot.

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Welcome to Bed and Breakfast 2 free online game. Your objective in this flash game is to look after the customers and make a buck. Discover your first guest at a desk. Click the front desk to send your customer to his room. Then you have to make sure the guest gets his luggage sent up to the room.

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Tom has caught Jerry stealing a block of cheese from the fridge. Help Jerry reach his mouse hole before Tom catches up to him in flash game Tom and Jerry - Run Jerry.
Tap the spacebar to jump over the obstacles that come into jerry's path. Tap once for a single jump. Tap twice for a double jump.
Beware! Tom will catch Jerry if he falls five times. Collect the pieces of cheese to win points and a delightful snack for Jerry. And try to avoid being used as a sandwich seasoning for Tom's dinner.