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The idea of the Stan James online game is to score as many free-kicks in a row as you can, the more you score, the harder the game will get. Simple, see how many you can score in a row, and then challenge chums to beat your score.
In order to score a goal in flash games you will need to set the pitch, power, swerve and direction of your shot. It always helps to direct the ball towards the goal, this is where the direction gauge is useful. Click set to choose the direction the ball will travel.

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Play Hero rpg free online game where warriors are the rulers of the battlefield. Weilding melee weapons such as swords, axes, and maces they excel at close range combat. Warriors typically wear heavy armor making them hard to kill and deadly in one on one battle. Warriors spend most their time at the local blacksmith, pub, or on the battlefield in flash game. Warriors are weak at a range and are less charismatic than the other classes.

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Your goal in Neon Race 2 online racing game is to beat the level time to unlock the next level. Smash into the red vehicles and avoid hitting the blue vehicles. rivals and killers watch out. Smash rivals for big turbo boost bonus. Ram killers off the road or evade them using turbo. Use your turbo wisely - smash red vehicles and revals to build up your turbo meter. Engage turbo for super speed. Keep hitting red vehicle and rivals to extend turbo time. Earn extra cash to purchase cars and upgrades. Make all vehicles smashable for a limited time.

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In Creepy Cave In 2 you have to guide Shaggy and Scooby through a series of interactive action and logic based puzzles. To succeed your objectives are to:

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This is it - the War of the Tanks is in its final catastrophic stages. The rebels are on the run, but don't get too afraid, as they are still a force to be reckoned with.
You've been given all the resources available to your people - it's up to you to ensure that victory is complete and the rebels are crushed once and for all. Good luck soldier in flash game. Fight online for us, fight for freedom.
Use arrow keys to move up, down, right and left. Use your mouse to shoot and spacebar for secondary weapon.

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Is a classical skeet shooting on plates-targets. In your disposal is a six-charged smooth-bore gun. In case of hitting the plate, the amount of them in the next level will increase in one. In case of miss it will decrease. The maximum amount of targets is 6, minimum-2.

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In Pingy2 flash game you are free to do anything you like, but we recommend starting with some quests. See the flag by the Quest menu option. That means you have completed quests to turn in. You get cash and exp for turning in quests. Quests are great way to get exp and cash. Click a quest to see more info about it, or if you’ve already completed it, you’ll be able to claim it this way. Questa marked as new are unread, while quests with a red checkmark icon by them are waiting to be claimed.

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Your goal in Papa Louies pancakeria cooking free flash game is to run the Pancakeria Store. Choose your character and make the best pancakes. Show your skills, earn tips, upgrades and more.
Take customers’ orders in the Order Station. Cook your pancake in the Grill Station. Stack pancakes and add topping in the Build Station. You will copy all orders into the list. You can drag tickets onto the ticket line to store and organize them as you like.

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Your task in Cycle scramble online game is to race on variety of locations and try to become the champion. Try to complete the objectives on each track to unlock new tracks or characters. Perform tricks to fill up your stunt meter. Get a bronze medal or better to unlock Gentle Slopes. Do a double forward flip for extra 20$.
Arrow up – accelerate, right – lean forward, down – brake, left – lean backward, Space – jump.
You will play in 4 courses (Old McDonalds Farm, Ice Age, Apocalypse, and R-Solo 1) with 5 races in each.

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Play online game Football Kicks where you will have a great opportunity to practice your penalty kicks. Press Space to set your direction. Press Space again to set your curve. Press Space again to set your power. Be sure to pay attention to the wind. You have 10 balls per match to beat the opponents score. Don’t miss your balls, try to score as many goals as possible. Be careful the wind might change the direction of a ball. Estimate all indicators and score your best goals.

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Valhalla is a mythical Viking’s paradise. Every warrior wants to get there. But now it’s impossible. Evil creatures have taken over Valhalla. Yet there is still hope in you. Use your mighty hummer, get rid of all creatures and enter to Valhalla.

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The Transporter is a simple and short flash game for free! Transport the goods from a truck to the magazine before you get fired.

How much money can you make?! But Be Careful! Men Working Overhead!

An avoider game with some original twists! The story is set on a construction site! You must make money while being careful of the falling objects!

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In Lethal War Zone you will need to do all your best in order to compete your enemy. To perform this follow some important tips through the game. Check you have enough resources to make the building. Then click on the icon of the building to start the process. When the process has finished, click again on the icon and place the building on the map.
Check you have enough resources in flash game to make the unit. Then click on the icon of the unit to start the process. When it is done the unit will appear on the machine center.

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In Knight Attack you need to use different tactics to defeat your opponent. Move your units around the map and attack the enemy units. As you win battles you will gain points. The number of points depends on how well you play. You can spend your points to unlock new jobs and abilities.
Simply click the buttons and click a colored square to act on it. Clicking a non-colored square will cancel.
Hp is the number of damage you can take, your char will fall if it reaches zero. Mp will get lower as you cast spells. If you don't have enough mp to cast the ability will cancel.