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The elephant’s rumbling snores are deafening. Help wake him up in this entertaining online game Snoring 2-wild west. Use other animals to tip over the elephant and wake him up. Each animal functions differently, so each level requires a new strategy. Try clicking the owl. Pigs roll if they’re pushed. Zebras are jumpy. Click to roll the cow. Click again to stop. Penguins spin away when pushed. Bump giraffes to tip them over like dominoes. The quicker you pass a level, the more stars you earn. If you get stuck trying to pass a level, check out the walkthrough.

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6 June 1944 settings. You need to protect your land. Enemies are arriving and your only hope is your ability to shoot. Kill your enemies with different amount in each level. It will be easy to aim as they wear green helmets. Just don’t waste time and fulfill your mission.
Change weapons 12345, R – reload. P – pause. Mouse aim and left click to shoot.

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In Super Type online game your main task is to practice typing very fast. It is a good idea for those who want to learn to type, but are bored just sitting and retyping texts. This flash game you automatically train and check you abilities of typing. You will be given different words and you will need to type them as fast as possible. The time is limited, so you better not lose it. When you doo your task fast and without mistakes, you will be able to perform combos that increase the time you have left. After each try you will see you score, and be ready to improve it if needed.

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You are now in your home town San Saba in online game. You want to become a Governor of Poker, you achieve this goal you need to start by winning every house in San Saba. Take them down city by city, town by town. When you have all of Texas, you will meet your final opponent in this online casino game.
When you are ready to try winning some money, click on “!” icon to start playing a tournament.

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To play online game Backyard Mini Golf first select the number of players, type names for each player and choose the color of the ball. Play through different modes: play the front 9 holes, play the back 9 holes, play 18 holes.
Object of online game: hit the ball in the hole in the least number of strokes. The person with the lowest score after 18 holes wins the game.

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Deployment units cost varying amount of resources in Warfare 1944. These resources resupply over time. To deploy a unit select it and then select a deployment zone on the ground. Controlling your units is done by clicking on the unit and using the controls in the intel panel at the bottom of the screen. You can also use the hotkeys in online games 1-4 to activate the action in this panel.
Winning can be done in a number of ways and varies from mission to mission.

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Play online racing game Drag Race Demon Deluxe where you will only need to drag the arrow to the right to accelerate. Try to start as quickly after the green light as possible. You get a bonus if you do this quickly enough.
If you accelerate too quickly your Dragster will rear up and flip over. This effect can be reduced by buying the Chassis upgrade in flash game.
If you buy the Parachute upgrade you will be given the option to deploy once you cross the finish line. Do this before you come to a stop for a bonus.

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Fear Unlimited Arena is online fighting game where you will need to show your fighting mastery. Health - green bar, when it empties, you can no longer fight and fail the mission. Magic - represented by runes. When 3 or more glow red, press F so summon the devil within. Action: A - evasive actions are actions that will allow you to escape harms way, or more to move strategic areas. Some evasives can only be performed with special weapons equipped. D - sword actions are melee based attacks. These actions come from what melee weapon is equipped. S - gun actions are actions based on range.

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Evil Pigsaw has decided it's payback time and has created a twisted videogame to trap the Inka Games Team. To help them escape you'll have to go through the world of Mario Bros, Pokemon, Resident Evil y Street Fighter.
Learn the basic rules of Pigsaws Challenge online adventure game in order to stay alive.
To walk: just click on any part of the floor (walkable, of course).
To interact with persons/objects: click on it and choose an action: mouth (talk, taste, bite etc.), hand (grab, take, punch etc.) or eye (to have a description of the desired element).

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Collect the letter tiles by clicking and dragging and create as many words as you can before the time runs out. Words must be 3 and 8 letters long. You have only three minutes to play one level of Word Maker online word game. Don't waste time. The more words you create the higher score you get. It is a good opportunity to check your knowledge and attentiveness. If you see blue tiles, it is better to make up words using them, it will bring you more scores.

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After choosing your allegiance in free flash game Black Sails, you have to embark on conquering a new world in a new age. You must capture all the towns on the map to win. You can navigate around to different towns and on the open seas. You will be challenged by nations and other savages. If you accept, you will enter battle mode. You can engage towns to try to capture them, But they are heavily guarded and you are advised to build up crew and guns. Or you can simply go into a town for trade.


Use the arrow keys to manoeuvre Eddie's ship in flash game Iron Maiden The Final Frontier. Collect weapons to help defeat the pirates. Press space to fire your weapons and 1-4 to cycle through your available weapons. Collect the cargo using the grappling hook on Eddie's ship which will deploy automatically when in range of cargo.

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The mad Doctor Vilainte has created a psychotropic radiator and declared himself dictator of the universe. As a threat, he demonstrated his radiators capabilities on our capital. Now, the entire city has gone insane. People are killing each other, the police have turned into a menace to society, and gangsters are on the mad scientists payroll. We are assigning you with a top-secret car to fight him. And you should suddenly go mad in flash game, this will only help your case. Only someone who is mad can stop another madman.

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A great submarine earthquake attacks the Pacific Ocean in 2018 and the bottom of the
ocean is torn. Along with the tear of the bottom of the ocean, another life race hidden under the ocean bottom begins their fight with our human.
This race has a strong aggressiveness and wants to invade and occupy the ocean which belongs to our human.
The ocean bottom mutants has already occupied parts of the ocean and built military bases.