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Play online board game Deal or No Deal and after picking your case, select six of the remaining 25 cases to reveal, one at a time. You will get a phone call from The Banker, who makes an offer to buy the contestant's case for a certain amount, based on the cash amounts still in play. If you accept the buyout, the game then ends, and the contents of the case are revealed (along with the whereabouts of the top remaining prizes). Should you refuse the offer, you then must choose five of the remaining cases to eliminate from consideration.


Loyalty, justice and truth left this world. Hatred, falsehood, greed, gave birth to the kingdom without boundaries that crosses the souls of every living creature. Evil will always exist, but it can be fought. Young squire, are you ready to give your life to fight against the abyss?

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In Dangerous free online game the city has been attacked by the rebels, but the base have spotted some locations, and sent you to eliminate them. You have to defeat the rebels, and finish the mission.
Use the left mouse button to shoot (hold press to do rapid fire), press down arrow button to duck or hide, and space button to reload the bullets.

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The hero, Sir Duke Bugwalker was called in for one last secret mission. With tears in her eyes, Duke's wife bid him farewell and wished him good luck. Not long has passed after Duke's departure that a horrible plague swept across his home town.
The notorius villain king bumblebee and his marauders moved in, setting everything on fire and kidnapping duke's wife.

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Check how good you can throw balls into the basket in spite of different obstacles. Only the correct direction and power of the throw will help you hit the basket and use minimal amount of throws. Get your high score for less time.

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Decades prior to the Great War, all four Nations were living in harmony under Avatar Kyoshi’s watch. In a competitive spirit, the very best Bending Masters from all four Nations gathered in a unique tournament. A tournament that would forever be remembered. Under Kyoshi’s watchful eye, all Masters bended it out until the 20 best were remaining. Whoever would win against such opponents would not only win fortune, but eternal remembrance as well.

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Formula Racer 2012 free flash game has 12 different tracks from around the world in the 3D graphics.

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It was a sunny Friday afternoon, and the family was going on a weekend vacation. Rachy was looking forward to all the exciting plans she had for herself and her Bear. All of a sudden a Deer jumped into the road. The car swerved to avoid it. Teddy fell out the car window.
“What do you mean he jumped out?!” mum said, “He’ll turn up, I bet he’s just gone for a picnic.”
Now you need to use WASD key to move along the forest and meet new adventures on your way in Teddys Excellent Adventure free online kids game. You – as a teddy bear. Click objects to interact with them.

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You have to arrange the music pieces to match the original melody in Musaic box online game for free. Click on the player to hear a sample of the song. You can start from any bar. Click anywhere else to stop playback. Click and Drag to move the pieces. Click on the piece to play its sound. You can play the music piece from any point.

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Lightning free flash game main objective is to get rid of your cards before the computer does. Drag one card at a time from your hand at the bottom of the screen to one of the four discard piles in the middle of the screen. If the arrow under the deck is pointing up place a card that is one value higher on top. If the arrow is pointing down place a card that is one value lower on top. Going up, once you get to 13 the next match is 1. Going down from 1 the next match is 13.
There are 3 special kinds of cards:
wild cards can be placed on any card and card can be placed on top of them;

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A dangerous forest stands between Snail Bob and his grandpa's birthday party. You want to congratulate your grandpa in Snail Bob 2 and you will do all your best to reach him.
Use various tools to guide bob through each level of his journey. You can click Bob to stop him in order to interact with some objects first. You can control Bob's speed by pressing *1 or *2 buttons.
In some levels of free online puzzle game other insects such as ants will help you, you just need to direct them right.

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As the enemy invasion continues to decimate the defending fleet, There is only one hope left for your homeworld - a prototype fighter, never tested in battle. Play online shooting game ProtoWing and defeat your enemy with powerful weapons.
Equipped with a revolutionary new weapon system, this proto-wing is capable of delivering an increasingly powerful barrage of various muntions. The time has come to take the fight to the enemy, you're the last hope for your world.

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Age of War 2 free flash game is a mix of defense and strategy online game. The goal of such flash games for free is to destroy the enemy base while defending yours. You need to build turrets to defend your base and hire units to attack the enemy. To create new units move your mouse over an icon to see the statistics of the unit beneath it as well as a short description. Read unit description to find out how to unlock them.

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Wipe out enemy defense systems and successfully rescue all hostages in flash game Global Rescue. Time is of the essence, so the faster you evacuate hostages, the more points you'll gain. You're restricted to carrying just 5 passengers at a time in online game.
Press Z to drop chaff. (useful in stopping missiles). Press C to fire. To rescue the hostages press the Spacebar to lower the winch (and again to recoil). Use the Arrow keys to navigate the Merlin.