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Welcome to Goofy the Candy Collection free online game. Your favourite cartoon character Goofy has to fly high and get all the candies he wants. You can do it for him but be careful of the rocky mountain, birds and airplane. Collect as many candies as possible and give Goofy a great treat and earn more scores as well.
Enjoy the treat. Use your mouse and down arrow key to play.

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Somewhere in the North Pole Santa Claus is preparing his sleigh for gift giving. When Rudolf came up to him and said...I'm sorry Sir but I don't think I can accompany you this night... I caught a bad cold and I'm not feeling very well. No need to apologize Rudolf. Go ahead and rest, we can manage the delivery tonight.

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Move mouse upwards and downwards to set the angle. Click and hold the mouse to set the power. Release the mouse to throw the stone. Move mouse left and right to move the pet to catch the Mangoes to get points. Your aim in the first level of free flash game for kids Little Shooter is to collect 10 ripen Mangoes, to enter next level.
Green Mango gives you 10 points, yellow + 50 points. Dark Mango - 5 points, a fire - 1 life.

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Fire and try to bring down the buildings and the enemies. Avoid killing hostages

Use your mouse to play.

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8-ball is played with 15 balls and a cue ball. The goal of each player is to pocket their set of balls (solid: 1-7, or stripes: 9-15) and then to pocket the 8 ball. The first player to legally pocket the 8 ball wins the game. Players do not need to call their shots in this version of 8-ball. A player's turn is over when they fail to pocket one of their or if they scratch.

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Meat Boy is an unusual platformer online game where you will try yourself out as a piece of meat in the most real sense. Your objective is to save your beloved (in the bandages) from the evil embryo in the tube.
Meat Boy leaves a bloody trail after himself, the jaunty music adds to the whole creepiness of the experience.
The Meat Boy can jump high, although is afraid of cutting, stabbing, and burning objects ... Would you able to confront and withstand his enemy? Let's see!

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Wasps are relatively intelligent and tough condenders. They can take plenty of punishment, they move fast, and if you line up with them to attack, they'll unleash their stingy offspring at you and dash away.

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Year 1925, you are a master thief, with a passion for cars. But unfortunately, in these times, cars are a luxury, owned only by royalty and noblemen. Your only choice is to steal them and make your own vintage car collection.
Be careful though, the slightest damage will start the alarms and have you handcuffed in no-time.
In Vintage Carbon free flash games use arrow keys to navigate the car. Press Spacebar to use the hand brake.

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Zombies invaded into your small quiet home town. Crash as many as you can and bring back peace to the people. Not even one zombie must survive!
Arrow keys to drive and balance.

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Love to play Pacman? Here is a updated version for you - Pacman 3d that you can play online. Quite cute, Suitable for all ages :)

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Smeshariki - are cute little round animals. Brosaika is an online game where you need to toss objects in a way that the other Smesharik gets is. Consider the strength of the toss and the wind. The player that first gets 1000 points, wins.

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Get behind the wheel of your taxi monster truck and see if you can get your clients to their homes in time. The terrain is rough, obstacles are scattered all over the place, so you need to drive carefuly. However, speed is also important. So step on it taxi driver and put that monster taxi truck in motion.
Arrow Keys - Drive. Spacebar - Drop the customer.

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Dynamic Systems 2 is the sequel to one of the most popular physics games in 2009. Inspired by Rube Goldberg Machines, the game poses you with intricate puzzles and challenges. Place the objects and get the ball to the end!

Use the mouse to interact with the systems

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Shoot apples and green goblins as you strive to get just enough distance for that perfect bowshot.
This game is played with mouse only.